I am a full time (mature, 26 year old) student, just finishing my third year of a BA Primary Education with QTS course (one year left!). I have spent a long time yo-yoing with my weight, always losing and regaining the same few pounds. Something struck me around the beginning of April 2010 and I made a conscious effort to get sorted! I started running, resistance training and watching what I eat. It worked because after 8 weeks I lost several inches. This is not enough though! I want more. I want my old clothes to fit, I want my thighs not to rub together and I want to look fit.

I could barely run for 60 secs in April 2010 and now I have completed several 5ks and a 10k! Fabby! I also got into swimming in November 2010, wasn’t very good and now love it and can go for ages. So much so, I thought I’d put the two together, add a bit of cycling and enter a triathlon. Bonkers I know, but going to go for it!

I also love knitting and all things crafty, I’m not very good at it, but give it a good go.

So the journey continues and here it shall be documented!

Now that uni is over for now I am temping all summer, bit more routine and structure in my life now!


I love to read your comments!

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