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USA foodie swap


The lovely Jemma at Celery and Cupcakes organised a foodie swap between UK readers and US readers. I did this last year and it was fab! Got some lovely goodies.

This year my swap partner was a girl called Kasey. She sent me this fab parcel of goodies.



  • Peanut Butter and Co Cinnamon Raisin Swirl- wow!! Totally delicious!
  • Rise almond and honey protein bar
  • Boom choco Boom dark chocolate bar
  • Cheddar Style Chreese sauce mix
  • Betty Lou’s Cherry Gluten free fruit bar
  • Buddy Fruits pure fruit bites, raspberry flavour
  • Stretch Island Fruit Co fruit strip in cherry flavour
  • Stretch Island Fruit Co fruit strip in strawberry flavour
  • Raw Revolution coconut and agave raw food bar

Lucky me! I have had the Raw Revolution coconut bar and it was really yummy.

Thanks so much to Jemma for organising this again 😀



Race report, odds and sods


Oh my word, it has been sooooo long! Tut tut! This is kind of me at the moment!!

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Life has been good, but pretty busy. Received 2 of the assignments I mentioned previous, passed both and got 64% on the one that was percentage marked! Yay me! So, still on track for my 2:1 degree. I’ve still got one to be returned, and then I’ve got to hand in some maths work, write a science assignment, write an education studies assignment and complete an art assignment. Then it’s all done! Scary stuff. Oh yeah, and the minor point of job hunting!

I have also been part of the group of girls organising our graduation ball, it’s going to be amazing! So excited with it all.


On Tuesday evening Rob and I joined a local triathlon club!! As you’d expect, we can do running, swimming and cycling sessions with them and they have several each week. This is hopefully going to take us on to the next level in our training and push us. I’m also excited because I get to buy a hoody with the logo on!!!!!!! Hahaha!

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Marathon training has been going ok, a little unorthodox by anyone’s standards I am sure, but I’m getting there! I completed a local half marathon at the weekend and was really pleased because I ran the whole thing, beat my previous PB and the weather was absolutely vile!!! So if I can run in that, I can run in anything. I really really enjoyed it though! My official time was 2hrs 17mins 4secs. One day I will get in under 2 hours 😀

I am going out for a 10 mile run tomorrow, I was supposed to go out with a group this evening, but am utterly exhausted after the half at the weekend and two nights in a row of heavy swimming. I’ve just had a 4 hour nap!!! Feel much more human now. Then have got parkrun on Saturday which is fun.


It’s certainly all go at the moment, have got loads of piccies of food which I need to share with you at some point, but wanted to make sure I checked in.

Hope you’re all good, looking forward to blogging more soon 😀