Maths, maths and more maths!


Well, yesterday was a funny day. Ended up really quite upset after having gone into uni and feeling very stressed and overwhelmed about everything that is expected of me leading up to the end of uni. There’s not much that watching Wizard of Oz can’t sort out!


Managed to regain some perspective on the whole situation and now feel a lot better. The level of work hasn’t changed, but my mindset and how I am going to tackle it has. Breaking it all down into smaller pieces to tackle, one piece at a time. I’ve also prettified my uni to-do book! Little inspirational quotes and pretty stickers.

I have been quite upset as well because I haven’t been able to train how I’ve wanted to with all the different school/uni pressures on at the moment, but I have got to get my priorities in order, and finishing uni with a good degree is my main one. So the training will come in and around that. I’ve got to learn not to put too much pressure on myself, easier said that done sometimes!

Yesterday was full of yummy eats like a blueberry smoothie.

Snackage of some hardboiled eggs, dried fruit and nuts.

This gorgeous chicken, avocado and chargrilled meditteranean vegetable  salad!

Just as nice as the day before’s chicken salad with avocado 🙂

Dinner was this exquisite mix of beef fried with peppers and onions in fajita spices, avocado mashed with pepper and cherry tomatoes, baked sweet potato, salsa, refried beans and salad of spinach, rocket and cherry tomatoes. Mmmmmmmm!

Today I have been trying to regain some balance in my body so have been indulging in plenty of green juices. Have made these with pears, spinach, cucumber and celery. Also been having some wheatgrass.


This afternoon I had a green smoothie made with spinach, banana, chocolate protein powder, water and peanut butter.

Plenty of water and herbal teas. Today is the first day in a while that I haven’t felt totally exhausted. I think gaining a perspective on my work, having a lie-in and having lots of energising green juices has really helped.

I have been doing loads of maths reading, hence the title of the post!! It’s very interesting, it’s all about problem solving within mathematics. I like the reading element, it’s the writing the essays that I find tricky!!

Dinner was a delicious tuna steak, with basil mayonnaise, kale and asparagus. The kale and asparagus had a lovely mix of lemon juice and olive oil on it. Really brought the flavours out.

Dessert was melon, grapes, and cherries with some coconut. Can you tell I’m trying to get my vitamin levels up!

Off to the physio tomorrow for a once-over. Prevention is better than cure as they say. It’s a shame that I’d booked for tomorrow because it’s the inaugral Eastbourne Parkrun tomorrow morning! I am so excited that there is now one in my home town. Such a fab idea. Nay mind, there’s always other Saturdays. Can’t do it all- please remind of this in future when I begin to panic about things 🙂

Laura asked about how I make my coconut pancakes. Well, I use coconut flour and the recipe on this page. I don’t use the sugar though, and I would say to use a little more coconut flour than it says. I’m sure you could use egg replacer or flax egg in this. They really are delicious. I love coconut flour and use it a fair bit.

Hope you’ve all had a great week, look forward to catching up over the weekend 🙂


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  1. Poor you- the last year of uni is really stressful, and I think with teaching because you have to take time out on placement you have less time over the year to be getting on with assignments and things. But like you say, take it one step at a time, break things down, and you will make it.It will all be worth it soon.
    And thanks for the coconut pancakes recipe- they look lovely. I bought some coconut flour a while ago to bake for a friend with coeliacs, but the recipe did not go well and I have not used the coconut flour since. Might give those a go soon.

  2. Thanks for the link to the pancakes! I can feel your pain with the uni thing, sounds like you have it all sussed out though, your right, some times you just have to prioritise to be able to manage things. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of time for working out in the future. Hope you enjoy your weekend 🙂

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