Missing in action!


I have got plenty to say but little time to post on it at the moment. I will update on my Christmas and New Year soon.

I have been working hard on trying to be a successful (student) teacher and so all my time, effort and everything else is taken up with this. I will leave you with 2 quotes which sum up how I’m feeling at the moment. Being a good, or outstanding teacher does not come without hard work and dedication. The second quote is exactly how I have felt, probably on more days than most, but I’ve got to trust myself and my teacher and I will succeed.

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I have got 2 more weeks left on my final placement, scary and altogether exciting. I will have made it! I just have to get through the last few months of uni and assignments. But I will get there!


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  1. You will make it through your teaching placements- you are right they are very very hard, but will help to prepare you for when you have your own class. So keep going 🙂

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