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End of January already?!


Howdy readers! How can it be the end of January already??!

Good news, I have a draft version of a maths assignment! Yay! Worked my little tush off to get that done. Cracking on with my art assignment from tomorrow 🙂

Went to see my wonderful physio on Saturday for a check-over before I start really increasing the miles for marathon training. Boy am I glad I did! I thought I felt tight in my quads and calves and they really needed seeing too, especially my right leg, which he did a bit of acupuncture on. My glutes are not firing at all, dead as a dodo apparently! Not good, but not totally abnormal. So got some exercises to work on that. I need to work on my ankle strength as well, in both legs. So work daily on the old wobble board is needed! Sitting for many many hours a day is causing me problems with my hips, resulting in tight hip flexors, so got some isometric contractions to do for that. And finally got some daily stretches to do for my psoas muscle. See here for more info about where this muscle is.

We popped into town and we bought some fabulous brightly coloured bits and bobs for the flat! Got to brighten the place up now it’s heading towards spring 🙂 Got these cushion covers

and thisawesome bicycle cushion.

Got these great green voiles for the lounge window.

The cat approves!!!

Got these cute pictures for the kitchen along with some tea towels.

We also got a bright blue bath mat for the bathroom. Looks so bright and fresh now!

Check out our humungous lunch from Saturday! Half a chicken each, mashed mint and chilli peas, garlic and basil tomatoes, and brown rice.

We ate that while watching the athletics. Awesome! How amazing was Mo Farah. Totally awe-inspiring.

So, gotta start thinking of goals now that we’re heading in to February, and I’m likely to have a little more free time on my hands. Where better to look than Stuart Amory, from In Kilter Fitness. He is a personal trainer who is kicking up a storm on Twitter. He put together an Advent Challenge for the month of December, has come up with a challenge for January, and now February. His aim is for 2012 to be people’s fittest year yet. This coming month’s challenge is here and involves a water drinking challenge and a press up challenge. For the January challenge and leg challenge you can find the video here.  I personally have been ‘dry’ for the whole month of January and aim to do so for the month of February. I am particularly excited about this month’s challenge as I want to get back into my press ups. Last year I got up to 6 full press ups in a row, so I want to beat that this year!

Had my blood tests this morning for iron levels and thyroid function, should get the results for these on Friday afternoon. Also had a dietitian appointment this afternoon. She was really pleased with my progress and said that I should continue with a gluten-free and dairy-free diet. She complimented me on my attitude to this, as she said some people will just say it’s impossible, whereas I have been very positive about it.

Foods have been delicious and I have been trying to eat as much veg as I possibly can without turning into a piece of kale or spinach myself. Lots of smoothies with spinach have been consumed with berries or bananas.

At the weekend we made a delicious apple crumble which was a bit different to the norm… we peeled and chopped some apples into a dish, then mixed up some ground almonds (about 2 cups) with some coconut oil, loads of cinnamon and a bit of agave. Sprinkled it all over the apples and baked, covered with foil, for nearly an hour. It was amazing!!! I would definitely recommend this. And it was gluten and dairy free- bonus!

Breakfast today was a bowl of porridge with coconut and protein powder.

Today’s lunch was this veg-tastic salad with chicken, avocado, beetroot, cucumber, tomato, rocket, spinach. Had it with a mug of miso soup.

Dinner was a pizza made with ground almonds from this recipe here (totally lush by the way!!!) and topped with tomatoes, peppers, onion, olives, mushrooms, rocket, served with sprouts, asparagus wrapped in parma ham and kale chips. Drooooooool!!

I have made it my mission to ensure I drink between 2 and 3 litres of water today, and have managed 3.

As well as ensuring optimum food intake, I’m also going to be working on my mental/emotional wellbeing as well. It has been highlighted that I spend rather a lot of my time stressed out, what with one thing or another. And that I take inadequate ‘chill time’, either none, or what I do take isn’t spent adequately de-stressing. So am going to work on this, and I urge others to do the same. We need to learn to relax for our own health. So, last night I ran a bubble bath, lit some candles and lay in there for an hour listening to the Bon Iver album, concentrating just on the music and my breathing. It was very strange as I’m used to working at 100 miles per hour, but it was good. I felt almost drunk when I got out the bath, I was so relaxed. Slept really well and haven’t been that drained today, which is how stress often makes me feel.

Pinned Image

Having my roots done tomorrow, it’s the little things hey! And into uni to return some books, and get some more out. Then more reading and writing!!

Is it snowing where you are? We had a little attempt, but nothing major!


Maths, maths and more maths!


Well, yesterday was a funny day. Ended up really quite upset after having gone into uni and feeling very stressed and overwhelmed about everything that is expected of me leading up to the end of uni. There’s not much that watching Wizard of Oz can’t sort out!


Managed to regain some perspective on the whole situation and now feel a lot better. The level of work hasn’t changed, but my mindset and how I am going to tackle it has. Breaking it all down into smaller pieces to tackle, one piece at a time. I’ve also prettified my uni to-do book! Little inspirational quotes and pretty stickers.

I have been quite upset as well because I haven’t been able to train how I’ve wanted to with all the different school/uni pressures on at the moment, but I have got to get my priorities in order, and finishing uni with a good degree is my main one. So the training will come in and around that. I’ve got to learn not to put too much pressure on myself, easier said that done sometimes!

Yesterday was full of yummy eats like a blueberry smoothie.

Snackage of some hardboiled eggs, dried fruit and nuts.

This gorgeous chicken, avocado and chargrilled meditteranean vegetable  salad!

Just as nice as the day before’s chicken salad with avocado 🙂

Dinner was this exquisite mix of beef fried with peppers and onions in fajita spices, avocado mashed with pepper and cherry tomatoes, baked sweet potato, salsa, refried beans and salad of spinach, rocket and cherry tomatoes. Mmmmmmmm!

Today I have been trying to regain some balance in my body so have been indulging in plenty of green juices. Have made these with pears, spinach, cucumber and celery. Also been having some wheatgrass.


This afternoon I had a green smoothie made with spinach, banana, chocolate protein powder, water and peanut butter.

Plenty of water and herbal teas. Today is the first day in a while that I haven’t felt totally exhausted. I think gaining a perspective on my work, having a lie-in and having lots of energising green juices has really helped.

I have been doing loads of maths reading, hence the title of the post!! It’s very interesting, it’s all about problem solving within mathematics. I like the reading element, it’s the writing the essays that I find tricky!!

Dinner was a delicious tuna steak, with basil mayonnaise, kale and asparagus. The kale and asparagus had a lovely mix of lemon juice and olive oil on it. Really brought the flavours out.

Dessert was melon, grapes, and cherries with some coconut. Can you tell I’m trying to get my vitamin levels up!

Off to the physio tomorrow for a once-over. Prevention is better than cure as they say. It’s a shame that I’d booked for tomorrow because it’s the inaugral Eastbourne Parkrun tomorrow morning! I am so excited that there is now one in my home town. Such a fab idea. Nay mind, there’s always other Saturdays. Can’t do it all- please remind of this in future when I begin to panic about things 🙂

Laura asked about how I make my coconut pancakes. Well, I use coconut flour and the recipe on this page. I don’t use the sugar though, and I would say to use a little more coconut flour than it says. I’m sure you could use egg replacer or flax egg in this. They really are delicious. I love coconut flour and use it a fair bit.

Hope you’ve all had a great week, look forward to catching up over the weekend 🙂

It’s lovely to be back!


It feels so nice to be blogging again! My school placement is now over, and I am very proud to have received an Outstanding grade! This is graded against Ofsted criteria for student teachers, so I am over the moon!

Pinned ImageSource

I have been getting back into the swing of healthy eating again, as eating around school was often a little haphazard! Now that placement is over I am back at uni, writing assignments and getting back into training. I have got 3 assignments due imminently, so no rest for the wicked!!

Here are some of the things I’ve been eating over the last few days.


This was a smoothie made with spinach, raspberries, raspberry ripple protein powder, flaxseeds and water all blended. Along with a liquorice and peppermint tea.

Scrambled egg with ribbons of ham, rocket, spinach and tomatoes.

Coconut flour pancakes with chopped banana and Dark Chocolate Dreams mixed with hot water to make a sauce!


Crabmeat with spinach, rocket, beetroot, olives, gherkins, tomatoes, cucumber.

This soup was delicious! Puy lentil and vine ripened tomato soup. Lush!

Wonderful Nandos! Quarter chicken with macho peas and corn on the cob.


Beef bolognaise served with courgette noodles, spinach, rocket and olives. Same again tonight! Gotta love leftovers!


Pot of dates and walnuts

Baked pears with banana and pistachio protein soft serve. Mmmmmm!

Other snacks have included hardboiled eggs and lots of veggies.

Had a bizzare shopping trip at the weekend, everywhere I went in Tesco people stared at my trolley! I didn’t think it was that odd, but I suppose there was an awful lot of fruit and veg. No more than usual for us though!!

Training has been ok, I’ve kept up a base fitness while on placement and was pleased when I was able to still run for 30 minutes without stopping! Marathon training has started with a vengeance, am up to 6 miles. Not long now!!!

Today has been spent baking these wonderful specimens, long-run cake with black beans, recipe courtesy of Runner’s World. Nomnomnom!

I have also been doing lots of reading for my assignments, it’s hard to jump straight back into assignment-writing mode when I’ve just been in teacher mode for the last 4 months. Need to stay as stress-free as possible, I have a tendency to let it all overwhelm me and then I get in a panic. Hopefully the exercise will help me.

This evening was spent completing a great swim session. 72 lengths in total, not bad!!

Got so much to tell you over the next few posts. I hope you are all really well, look forward to catching up with you all!!

A little late, but here is my Christmas in pictures

How gorgeous!!
More Christmas deccies
Christmas curtains

Me and baby Elliot
Huge selection of food for Swedish Christmas dinner
Part of Swedish Christmas dinner
Lots of desserts 🙂
Traditional dessert from Norway, brought to the celebrations
Table set for the Christmas dinner

Traditional Christmas Dinner

Missing in action!


I have got plenty to say but little time to post on it at the moment. I will update on my Christmas and New Year soon.

I have been working hard on trying to be a successful (student) teacher and so all my time, effort and everything else is taken up with this. I will leave you with 2 quotes which sum up how I’m feeling at the moment. Being a good, or outstanding teacher does not come without hard work and dedication. The second quote is exactly how I have felt, probably on more days than most, but I’ve got to trust myself and my teacher and I will succeed.

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I have got 2 more weeks left on my final placement, scary and altogether exciting. I will have made it! I just have to get through the last few months of uni and assignments. But I will get there!