4 more sleeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I warn you now, this is going to be a super Christmassy post, so look away now if you are in any way a bah humbug!!

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I am now on school Christmas holidays! Yay! I totally lost my voice though for 5 days, boo 😦 I was so ill last week with a viral cold/flu thing and got a lovely cough, snotty nose and no voice. It is pretty much all gone now and it is almost Christmas so I am happy 🙂

Saturday was amazing, the first day of the hols and I promised myself I would not leave the flat at all, stay in my PJs all day, listen to Christmas songs and watch Christmas movies. I had Christmas tea, Christmas coffee and was blissfully happy!

Rob and I did however TOTALLY blitz the flat. It is now super squeaky clean. Not that it was dirty before, but you know when you want to make it squeaky?! And also to de-germ the place as I have been holed up ill all week.

The tree has been up for a couple of weeks now. It is tradition to decorate it with my Disney figures which we collected as children. Totally adorable. I LOVE Disney! Just look at the figures!!

We also have Christmas mugs 😀

Stockings up on the fireplace 😀 including one for Alan the cat, she even has her own advent calendar!!

Totally gone mad on the candles in the evenings, it’s been bliss.

This is me and Rob on the Santa Dash!!! Totally awesome. He ran with me and we did it in 27 minutes. So pleased as haven’t really run since the half marathon…. oooops! We had so much fun though.

My last day at school was lovely and I got some lovely cards and gifts, bless them!

I have been making gingerbread cookies which are gluten and dairy free! I’ve had some friends round and made some more cookies and some mince pies, using some amazing DARK CHOCOLATE mince pie filling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I now have Christmas slippers. I have several pairs of Christmas pyjamas. I have Christmas socks and Christmas knickers!!!!

We have also had a delicious Christmas dinner because it will be different to what we will have in Sweden. This was truly lush 😀

In short- I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strictly Come Dancing final- just too much!!! It was just so close between Harry and Chelsee. Both were superb. I am sad that it is over now for another year.

This week I have been to see a dietician after my recent diagnoses of lactose intolerance and non-coeliac gluten sensitivity. It was really interesting and helpful. The main areas that she is concerned about are making sure I get enough calcium in my diet, and enough iron. I am going to be given an appointment in the new year to have a bone scan as well. I had totally forgotten that it was 10 years ago that I was diagnosed with IBS, TEN years ago! And have just been taken seriously now, which is good because lactose intolerance is something I will always have. She is convinced that I have got coeliac disease, but to be honest having a label on it is rather irrelevant as I eat a gluten free diet now. Having said that, some gluten had crept back into the diet- mostly from being lazy and not reading labels properly, and boy have I suffered. I have had incredibly painful sores all down my throat and really itchy eyes. If anything, this little flare-up and seeing the dietician have made me more focused on looking after my health.

Tomorrow we are off to Sweden to spend Christmas there. There are 6 of us going! We are going to spend it with Rob’s brother and his wife, and their new arrival baby Elliot, who is just adorable. We will be back next week!

In the meantime, have a wonderful Christmas and I hope it brings lots of happiness to you.

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  1. Wow – I have never seen so many Santas. That’s a great time, particularly with not having run for so long and the inevitable drag created by a long, flowing white beard 😉

    Happy xmas to you too and have a fab time in Sweden – I’d be really interested to see what xmas dinner looks like over there!


  2. Have a fab time in Sweden- I bet it is even more Christmassy over there (when I was little we lived in Denmark for a bit and the Christmas there was lovely)- I love all the Christmas things in this post 🙂
    I have Christmas PJ’s too- they are red with snowflakes and a penguin on 🙂

  3. Have a brilliant time and happy Christmas! I love all the festive-ness in this post, espcecially the Santa Claws stocking and the cat’s Advent calendar 🙂
    And I really dislike mince pies but dark chocolate ones?! Go on then…!

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