Happy November!


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I know, I know, I’m a little late!

Life is going pretty well at the moment, am loving school and managing to keep on top of the mountainous uni paperwork that is required of me, so that’s a bonus!

Sadly though I have lost my healthy eating and exercise mojo 😦 I just find that where I am committing 100% of my energy to making my placement as successful as possible, I have very little left for anything else. I am getting to school by 8am, staying until gone 6pm and then working on school stuff in the evenings before crashing out!

If anyone has got any tips or suggestions for me, then they would be gratefully received! I did manage to force myself out for a run at the weekend though and was glad I did as I really enjoyed it.

In order to try and help with the resurrection of my mojo I have drawn up a table, with a box for every day from now until I go away in December. Each day I am going to try and aim to drink plenty of water and eat healthily (no processed). And I’m going to try and exercise a couple of times a week.

Blue tick for water, green tick for healthy eats and a purple tick for exercise. I am hoping this will appeal to the visual side of my nature and that all the ticks will help to spur me on, and if there are a couple of crosses then hopefully I will still be spurred on by the visual element of seeing more ticks than crosses! Although, I quite like the look of this one!!

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I am also going to use my blog to help keep a record of my successes!! Especially as I have got a couple of runs next month and the Brighton Marathon coming up in April.

I hope you will all still stick around while this teacher has a few lapses!

Massive Happy Birthday wishes to my lovely, lovely Rob!!! 😀


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  1. Happy Birthday Rob!!
    Quite rightly your priorities have changed, don’t beat yourself up, be nice to yourself. Your plan sounds good!! Keep up the running and the posting though otherwise we will miss you!!

  2. I think the reward chart is such a good idea. I know its really difficult to keep up with stuff when your focus is else where. When I started getting more into healthy eating and fitness it was only because the other areas of my life where quite staple so I could give it more attention. I think those good habits are now so ingrained in me that I don’t need to make it such a focus to keep going if that makes sense! I think keeping it basic and making sure that your eating well and drinking water is a great way to go, good luck!

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