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Feeling Christmassy!


Hiya bloggies! I have been feeling rather Christmassy 🙂 I think it is due to the fact that bonfire night is out of the way, Rob’s birthday is out of the way, and that we have started singing/rehearsing Christmas songs at school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That does mean that this weekend I have been listening to Christmas songs as I’ve been doing school work and writing the blog.

I am glad to report that I feel much better about getting back on track with my eats and exercise. I have had a good week including yummy porridges for breakfast, salads for lunches, and a selection of dinners such as omelettes, bolognaise with courgette spaghetti, Thai green prawn curry, and some yummy 97% pork sausages.

Already with getting my eating back on track I am feeling much better. Much more alert, less fatigued, less sick and much less of a stuffy nose and bunged up feeling.

I have managed to fit in a spin class, go swimming and complete a Pilates workout at home this week. Not too bad!

This weekend has been a real catch up weekend. I have only left the flat twice, once which was oh so brief! I have been doing uni work, paperwork for school files, planning and marking. Hours and hours spent at my desk!!! Crazy crazy but will be so worth it in the long run.

I had my 3 QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) skills tests yesterday. Literacy, numeracy and ICT. And I am chuffed to say that I passed them all!!!! First time! Another step closer to becoming a teacher 😀 I have got my first official university observation this week as well, so I have been getting ready for that. Eeek!

I have had lots of yummy foods like smoothies and homemade soups as well. This smoothie was super duper and was made from banana, Kara coconut milk, coconut oil, maca powder, spinach, cacao nibs, coconut, chopped nuts, chopped dates and manuka honey!

This was a delicious butternut squash and apple soup. I put a swirl of Marmite in at the end!

Finally, I have been nominated by the lovely Laura for this Tell Me About Yourself blog award!

Nominees, in order to accept this award you must:
-Thank and link back to the person who awarded you – Yep, thank you Laura!
-Write seven random things about yourself – See below.
-Award seven other awesome and inspiring bloggers: Alice@ Bake n Beebz, Maria@ Running Cupcake, Ffion@ Chocolate & Raspberries, Jessica@ Gym, Run, Work, Fun , Sabine@ The Fruit Pursuit, Tam@ Salad and Sequins and Lucy@ Porridge and Parsnips

1. I have got 4 tattoos!! I would definitely get more as well 🙂

2. My favourite song of all time is ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ by Cyndi Lauper.

3. I once went through a stage where I ate crispy chilli beef from the Chinese takeaway nearly every day!

4. I once never owned an item of clothing in anything but black and white. I now own lots of different colours of clothing!

5. I always cry at Strictly Come Dancing- totally random but it makes me so emotional!!!

6. I don’t like baked beans on toast. I love baked beans with toast, but not on toast. Makes it soggy!

7. I have met Guy Garvey, lead singer of Elbow. He was awesome!! I also hadn’t had a shower in days as it was at a festival, but it was awesome!!

So there you have it, some extremely random stuff about me!


Happy November!


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I know, I know, I’m a little late!

Life is going pretty well at the moment, am loving school and managing to keep on top of the mountainous uni paperwork that is required of me, so that’s a bonus!

Sadly though I have lost my healthy eating and exercise mojo 😦 I just find that where I am committing 100% of my energy to making my placement as successful as possible, I have very little left for anything else. I am getting to school by 8am, staying until gone 6pm and then working on school stuff in the evenings before crashing out!

If anyone has got any tips or suggestions for me, then they would be gratefully received! I did manage to force myself out for a run at the weekend though and was glad I did as I really enjoyed it.

In order to try and help with the resurrection of my mojo I have drawn up a table, with a box for every day from now until I go away in December. Each day I am going to try and aim to drink plenty of water and eat healthily (no processed). And I’m going to try and exercise a couple of times a week.

Blue tick for water, green tick for healthy eats and a purple tick for exercise. I am hoping this will appeal to the visual side of my nature and that all the ticks will help to spur me on, and if there are a couple of crosses then hopefully I will still be spurred on by the visual element of seeing more ticks than crosses! Although, I quite like the look of this one!!

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I am also going to use my blog to help keep a record of my successes!! Especially as I have got a couple of runs next month and the Brighton Marathon coming up in April.

I hope you will all still stick around while this teacher has a few lapses!

Massive Happy Birthday wishes to my lovely, lovely Rob!!! 😀