Checking in!


Hullo hullo and Happy Sunday!!

I have been a busy student teacher bee these last few days and I’m loving it. I love getting back into school for placement and cannot wait until I graduate and I get my own class! What I am not loving though is the germs 😦 I have got the stinkiest cold right now. Any tips on staying germ free would be amazing!

I have had lots of yummy eats. And isn’t it getting chilly?! Cor! Been wearing my mittens, the sun is lovely but that wind has been really bitter. How dark is it now though 😦 it got dark at around 4.30pm today.

Got so much to catch up on, even right back to my anniversary!

We had these yummy pancakes for breakfast.

We had a lovely day in Brighton and hit up lots of lovely foody shops. We went to an Oriental store in the Laines and wandered over to the Turkish supermarket. I love this place! We got some lush olives and veggies.

We went to Food for Friends in Brighton for our dinner. This is a vegetarian restaurant and it really was delicious!! I would really recommend this restaurant for its food whether you’re veggie or not. The menu is also clearly labelled with all options and the staff are really knowledgeable.

Our starter was crispy salt and chilli tofu.


Rob had  a Savoury Parmesan and Sun-dried Tomato Beignet. He said it was really crispy and the sauce was delicious and creamy.

Savoury choux pastry fritters filled with ‘parmesan’, smoked Sussex cheese, basil and sundried tomato served over wilted spinach and  broccoli with garlic herbed crushed new potatoes and a creamy truffled Marsala wine and pink peppercorn sauce   

I had Tandoori Haloumi Masala. This curry was one of the nicest I’ve had.

Accompanied by Aloo Gobi, Biryani-style rice with toasted almonds, mango chutney and poppadom.

Rob also bought me these gorgeous flowers.


School is really good, but I am finding that my time is a little scarcer than previous! So apologies if I don’t post as much, but I won’t forget you!

We also marshalled at the Beachy Head Marathon, and the weather than better than anyone could have asked for. Here is a picture of a rhino running the marathon!

A really rapid catch up on a few things that have been happening! I will return with some more catch ups on food and training this week.

Back to school tomorrow after a half term languishing in my pit with a stinker of a cold 😀 ready and raring to go!


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