Hello October


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I still cannot believe that it is October. September was a wonderful month for me. I have achieved some of my goals for September and more.

I ran the Adidas Women’s Challenge 5k and achieved a speedy time despite having a stinking cold.

I had a wonderful birthday.


I had a wonderful holiday.

I ran the Nike Run to the Beat half marathon and completed it in 2hrs 18 minutes!!

I am back to uni in my final year! Wow!

These were my goals…

  • To be able to complete 10 full press ups- still working on this. It’s a hard one!
  • I am going to try and cook a couple more new dishes. I tend to keep to the same repertoire of dishes, so need to break out! I’m going to try a few new sweet ideas as well- I feel I’ve done this, we experimented a little on holiday with quite restrictive cooking conditions.
  • I have got to crack on with the uni work and get it done by the end of September- terrible procrastination!!! However I am on task for getting it all completed by the times it needs to be done. I have become more proactive and have devised an outline with actions and dates for completion.
  • To complete the half marathon. I’d love to get a great time! But I’m going to concentrate on purely completing it this time because it is my first half marathon- completed it and got me a great time!!!
  • To keep to a healthy eating routine as much as possible and see if I can get close to a six pack by the end of September! This will be fun to try- see my before and after pics. Not too bad considering I didn’t really do a lot. I’m carrying on this challenge and am going to try and give myself a 6 pack for Christmas!



  • I need to get used to the idea of living on a smaller budget again! Am totally happy with this 🙂 

New goals for October.

  • Really focus on the press ups and increase my total by the end of October.
  • Continue with my ab challenge!
  • Save some money towards a triathlon bike. It is my aim to be able to have enough money to buy a bike in February time. I’d love to get this bike! This will be an ongoing monthly thing.
  • Start getting back into the weights workouts, making sure I do them twice a week.
  • Be the best student teacher I can be (start school on 12th October)

Healthy eating has gone well today with yummy overnight oats mixed with flax seeds and pistachio protein powder.

Snacks have been apples and almonds.

Lunch was this monster stir fry with 2 eggs omeletted. I made a sauce out of Bragg’s aminos, ginger and sweet chilli sauce. This was yum but I think I put too much of the chilli in!


Dinner tonight was adana kebab, peppers stuffed with cauliflower and onion rice, kale chips, yoghurt, stuffed vine leaves and tomatoes.

And along with my positively gleaming oven, I now have defrosted one of my freezers! 😀 Hope you’ve had some sunshine where you are and have been able to enjoy it.


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