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Checking in!


Hullo hullo and Happy Sunday!!

I have been a busy student teacher bee these last few days and I’m loving it. I love getting back into school for placement and cannot wait until I graduate and I get my own class! What I am not loving though is the germs 😦 I have got the stinkiest cold right now. Any tips on staying germ free would be amazing!

I have had lots of yummy eats. And isn’t it getting chilly?! Cor! Been wearing my mittens, the sun is lovely but that wind has been really bitter. How dark is it now though 😦 it got dark at around 4.30pm today.

Got so much to catch up on, even right back to my anniversary!

We had these yummy pancakes for breakfast.

We had a lovely day in Brighton and hit up lots of lovely foody shops. We went to an Oriental store in the Laines and wandered over to the Turkish supermarket. I love this place! We got some lush olives and veggies.

We went to Food for Friends in Brighton for our dinner. This is a vegetarian restaurant and it really was delicious!! I would really recommend this restaurant for its food whether you’re veggie or not. The menu is also clearly labelled with all options and the staff are really knowledgeable.

Our starter was crispy salt and chilli tofu.


Rob had  a Savoury Parmesan and Sun-dried Tomato Beignet. He said it was really crispy and the sauce was delicious and creamy.

Savoury choux pastry fritters filled with ‘parmesan’, smoked Sussex cheese, basil and sundried tomato served over wilted spinach and  broccoli with garlic herbed crushed new potatoes and a creamy truffled Marsala wine and pink peppercorn sauce   

I had Tandoori Haloumi Masala. This curry was one of the nicest I’ve had.

Accompanied by Aloo Gobi, Biryani-style rice with toasted almonds, mango chutney and poppadom.

Rob also bought me these gorgeous flowers.


School is really good, but I am finding that my time is a little scarcer than previous! So apologies if I don’t post as much, but I won’t forget you!

We also marshalled at the Beachy Head Marathon, and the weather than better than anyone could have asked for. Here is a picture of a rhino running the marathon!

A really rapid catch up on a few things that have been happening! I will return with some more catch ups on food and training this week.

Back to school tomorrow after a half term languishing in my pit with a stinker of a cold 😀 ready and raring to go!


Tea Giveaway Winner!


Good evening! We have a winner of this bunch of tea! 😀 There were lots of great comments about what makes a tea.

And the winner is…


Please can you email me with your address at and I will get your parcel sent out to you ASAP!

Well done 😀

Lovely Autumnal Sunshine


Has it really been nearly a week since I last posted?! Very neglectful!

I have been swimming, going to school, finishing assignments and going to a very cool Malibu party!!

Here’s what I’ve been up to this week…

Tuesday night- Beachy Head Marathon marshall briefing. We are volunteering to help with the Beachy Head Marathon which is happening next Saturday, 22nd October 2011. We will be starting wtih registration at 7am, and then after registration we will be approx 8 miles in helping with a road crossing.

Wednesday night- I went to swim training and swam 50 lengths. This was broken down as such-

Warm up- 4 front crawl, 4 back stroke

4 back stroke arms with a pull-buoy, 4 backstroke.

4 front crawl arms with a pull-buoy, 4 front crawl legs, 4 front crawl

2 breast stroke arms, 2 breast stroke legs, 2 breast stroke

Front crawl pacing- in 1 minute 30 secs, swim 2 lengths and rest for the remainder of the time. Twice.

Front crawl pacing- in 1 minute, swim 2 lengths and rest for any remainder. Twice.

Warm down- 8 lengths of front crawl.

Thursday night- Malibu Pamper Party!

My friend won a competition run by Malibu to have a Pamper Party thrown by them at her house! They set up and there was a makeshift bar in her dining room, a spray tan tent in the spare room and the beauty bits in the lounge. There was a make-up artist, a nail technician, a spray-tan lady and a mixologist! (A mixologist is a cocktail maker!) He gave us lessons on how to make cocktails using Malibu. We made a Malibu Mojito and a Malibu Cosmopolitan.

He also ran a little competition and whoever made the best cocktails would win a prize! The prize was a Malibu ice bucket, Malibu glasses, Malibu shaker and Malibu stirrers. And I won!!!! 😀

We had so much fun, and I had a spray tan, my eye make-up done and my nails done. They also brought these amazing cupcakes with them.


I now have a gorgeous tan! I have never been this brown in my life, but it’s an expensive habit to keep up, so will make the most of having it this weekend. Here’s a pic of me and my friend who won the party. She is my bestest bestest friend!

Wednesday and Thursday were my first two days in the school I will be doing my final teaching practice in. I love it! I start full time properly from Monday. Scary scary!

I handed in my Science assignment on Friday and went off to Nando’s with some friends. I was due half a free chicken 😀 it was immense and nearly beat me. Note I said nearly!

Last night (Friday) was spent really chilling out. I watched Gardner’s World, Autumn Watch and Autumn Watch Unsprung. I did feel a little old beyond my years! It was so interesting though, and they’ve set up a webcam to watch some badgers. Check it out here. Sooo cool.

Tonight we had these luscious beef fajitas (without tortillas) with homemade salsa and guacamole. Recipe courtesy of Jamie Oliver, and with beef rather than chicken.


We have had some really lovely dinners this week. Rob cooked this dish of balsamic pork over a grilled pear and rocket salad. Mmmmm!

Tomorrow is mine and Rob’s 7 year anniversary 🙂 so we’re off out for lunch somewhere, we haven’t decided between Lewes or Brighton yet, so will see how we feel tomorrow.

Hope you’ve all had a great week! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Don’t forget my tea giveaway, there is still time to enter.

Pukka Tea Review and mini giveaway!


A little while ago I was sent some Pukka teas to sample and review. I am a huge fan of tea generally and I drink a lot of the Pukka tea brand, so I was excited to try these out!

Here is a little bit of background info on the Pukka brand, all information can be found on their website

Pukka was started by Tim Westwell and Sebastian Pole who were brought together by their mutual interest in promoting wellbeing. They started off the business in Tim’s spare bedroom in Bristol, and now 9 years later they are a very well known brand.

The name Pukka translates from Hindi to mean ‘authentic’, ‘genuine’ or, more colloquially, ‘top-quality’, which they say epitomises all that they represent – their ethos, ambition and everything they create.  

Started with little finance, but plenty of passion, they grew Pukka on their beliefs in Ayurveda – the ancient Indian art of living wisely – and the incredible health benefits of organic herbs. 

They are proud to say that all their herbs and products are certified organic by the Soil Association and the USDA* and can all be traced back to the field in which they were grown.  They make regular visits to the farmers we work with to learn from as well as educate them. Like all relationships, it’s a two-way thing.

With all of this in mind, Pukka was a perfect brand for me to review as it is in keeping with my beliefs. They not only sell tea but a whole host of other goodies based upon Ayurveda. Well worth checking out.

I was sent licorice and cinnamon; three mint; and revitalise teas.

The licorice and cinnamon tea is labelled as ‘deliciously rich and mellow’

I love licorice tea and have several brands of different flavours and mixes, and this is a real sweet treat, especially with the cinnamon. Perfect for after dinner cosying in front of the telly, or on a cosy night in. You can taste the licorice first off and then the sweet aftertaste of the cinnamon. Yum!

The three mint tea is lovely.

We took this on holiday it was so nice! The three mints- peppermint, spearmint and fieldmint- really complement each other to give a really light, lovely minty brew.

The revitalise tea is labelled as ‘to warm and invigorate’ and it certainly does that!

It’s a blend of cinnamon, cardamon and ginger. All the flavours work really well together and not one overpowers another. I quite liked this as a morning tea.

In addition to the samples I was sent I want to add my own reviews of the Three Tulsi tea and the Love tea by Pukka.

Tulsi tea is often referred to as The Sacred Herb or Holy Basil due to its ability to lift your spirits. It is also very calming and is said to reduce your cortisol levels and help with times of stress. Aside from these obvious benefits, the tea is very tasty! It’s caffeine free and can be drunk at any time of the day. It’s got quite a strong taste and there is a mild background of fruitiness. There are many benefits to Tulsi tea.

Love tea is one of my favourites, which is why I wanted to share it with you here. It’s a real calming tea, with a mix of camomile flowers, lavender flowers among others such as elderflower and rose flower. A really lovely tea, that despite what you may be thinking, does not taste flowery!

I have 5 teabags of each tea, so 25 teabags in total, to give away!!

There are 4 ways to enter:

  • Leave me a comment on here telling me what you think makes a good tea
  • Follow me on Twitter
  • Tweet about my giveaway
  • Link back to this giveaway on your blog

Please leave a comment here for each entry, I’d hate to miss any. I will draw a winner next Monday. Entries must be in by midnight GMT on Sunday 16th October 2011. This is also open to international readers so please do enter!

Catching up!


Well hello bloggies!

This week has been crazy busy, and this weekend is set to be too. What has happened to the weather?! One minute normal, then boiling hot, then really cold!

At the weekend we saw my cousin’s guinea pigs, here’s one of them acting all cute!

Catching up with eats, I have had lots of yummy dishes. I’ve had porridge, overnight oats, banana scrambles, scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.

This was today’s brekkie. Porridge with chocolate protein powder mixed in and berries.

Lunches have been lots of yummy salads like this! This has crayfish tails and crabmeat. 

Now that the weather has turned though, today we had a lovely tomato, lentil and red pepper soup with bacon. Yummy!!

Tuesday night we went out for a Turkish meal with my Dad and we had a wonderful time. I felt a bit fuzzy round the egdes though as I’d had a couple of glasses of wine! I ordered the seabream, which was amazing. This was served with an onion salad, cucumber and tomato. Other dinners we’ve had have included bolognaise, stir fry and curry.

Exercise-wise I went to a yoga class which was really good. It was a perfect session for stretching out my hip flexors. I followed this with a weights session in the gym. I have also been to spinning and Pilates. Sadly I missed swimming this week due to having to get some uni work done.

Tonight we are off down the seafront to watch the Eastbourne Bonfire Society Procession and then some fireworks. I’ll take some piccies to share with you.

Tomorrow we are gymming in the morning and then walking my cousin’s dog in the afternoon. We’ve planned to take him along the Downs! He should enjoy that 😀

I’ve got a full week coming up too, uni, assignment due in, first 2 days in school and a Malibu party!!!!

Have a great Saturday night!

My brain hurts!


Hullo hullo!

Hope you’re all well. My brain is hurting due to getting things sorted at uni and getting myself ready for my final teaching placement next week. Eeek!

My Dad is also staying with me this week, so have been entertaining! This has involved going out for a lovely meal and having all my washing up done every day 😀

I will be back with a proper update tomorrow or Saturday and will fill you in.

Have a great Friday peeps!

Hello October


Pinned Image


I still cannot believe that it is October. September was a wonderful month for me. I have achieved some of my goals for September and more.

I ran the Adidas Women’s Challenge 5k and achieved a speedy time despite having a stinking cold.

I had a wonderful birthday.


I had a wonderful holiday.

I ran the Nike Run to the Beat half marathon and completed it in 2hrs 18 minutes!!

I am back to uni in my final year! Wow!

These were my goals…

  • To be able to complete 10 full press ups- still working on this. It’s a hard one!
  • I am going to try and cook a couple more new dishes. I tend to keep to the same repertoire of dishes, so need to break out! I’m going to try a few new sweet ideas as well- I feel I’ve done this, we experimented a little on holiday with quite restrictive cooking conditions.
  • I have got to crack on with the uni work and get it done by the end of September- terrible procrastination!!! However I am on task for getting it all completed by the times it needs to be done. I have become more proactive and have devised an outline with actions and dates for completion.
  • To complete the half marathon. I’d love to get a great time! But I’m going to concentrate on purely completing it this time because it is my first half marathon- completed it and got me a great time!!!
  • To keep to a healthy eating routine as much as possible and see if I can get close to a six pack by the end of September! This will be fun to try- see my before and after pics. Not too bad considering I didn’t really do a lot. I’m carrying on this challenge and am going to try and give myself a 6 pack for Christmas!



  • I need to get used to the idea of living on a smaller budget again! Am totally happy with this 🙂 

New goals for October.

  • Really focus on the press ups and increase my total by the end of October.
  • Continue with my ab challenge!
  • Save some money towards a triathlon bike. It is my aim to be able to have enough money to buy a bike in February time. I’d love to get this bike! This will be an ongoing monthly thing.
  • Start getting back into the weights workouts, making sure I do them twice a week.
  • Be the best student teacher I can be (start school on 12th October)

Healthy eating has gone well today with yummy overnight oats mixed with flax seeds and pistachio protein powder.

Snacks have been apples and almonds.

Lunch was this monster stir fry with 2 eggs omeletted. I made a sauce out of Bragg’s aminos, ginger and sweet chilli sauce. This was yum but I think I put too much of the chilli in!


Dinner tonight was adana kebab, peppers stuffed with cauliflower and onion rice, kale chips, yoghurt, stuffed vine leaves and tomatoes.

And along with my positively gleaming oven, I now have defrosted one of my freezers! 😀 Hope you’ve had some sunshine where you are and have been able to enjoy it.