Birthdays and holidays- part one!


What a couple of weeks! I had such a lovely birthday. I was well and truly spoiled by my loved ones! And I had a wonderful holiday. I will start my catch up with my birthday.

Woke in the morning and opened pressies and cards in bed!

My cat bought me these awesome running socks!

Rob bought me this beautiful dress, some awesome running sun glasses and some AMAZING Vibram Five Fingers!!! Sadly they are too big so we’re swapping them for a smaller size. Super exciting though!

Rob’s brother and wife bought me some Adidas running leggings (are you detecting a theme here?!) and this HUGE mug that is as big as my head!

Rob’s mum and her partner bought me this lovely jumper and this set from Lush, which really does smell lush!

Rob’s sister and her fella bought me this lovely necklace.

My friend bought me this fabulous scarf!

My Dad took me for dinner at the weekend and got me this cute jumper!

 That morning I went and saw my friend for tea and cake. So nice to have a catch up. I then went and saw my nan and grandad and had lunch with them. I then spent the rest of the afternoon just chilling out and getting things ready for my holiday. I was so super excited!!! My flight was at 6am so we home at 3am (middle of the night!) to get to the airport. So that night was an early night to catch a few zeds before the early wake up call. Such a lovely day though 🙂

Last night we had a pretty simple dinner of roasted chicken leg, salad with spinach, tomatoes and olives, stuffed vine leaves and a curried rice mix. I made up a lovely dressing using mint, olive oil and lemon juice. Lush!

Today I had a simple breakfast of watermelon, banana, ground almonds and coconut.

Yesterday was a pretty grotty day, I had a long appointment at the hospital to test for lactose intolerance. Just one of the many tests I’m having- boo! I had to fast and then turn up at the hospital at 8.45am. They took a blood sample and then made me drink this vile liquid which was a lactose solution. Bleurgh!! They then took another blood test every 30 minutes after that until I’d had 5 blood samples taken. My poor arms are very bruised and sore today, and my poor tummy did not agree with that solution whatsoever! I am back to the doctor’s next week for more tests and some results of some others. Hopefully I can get it all sorted before I start my teaching placement.

I hope you all behaved yourselves whilst I was away! I shall be back with more updates from my wonderful holiday.


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  1. Welcome back – you were missed!!
    Wow! who’s a lucky girl then – pressies sound and look gorgeous – what a lovely day.
    Can’t wait to hear about the holiday 🙂

  2. Oh those tests sound horrible- poor you. Hopefully they will find out something and then it will be worth it.
    Love that dress- so pretty. 🙂

  3. Ann- aww thanks! I was so very lucky.

    Maria- hopefully they will, my arms are green and blue- yuk! Rob is very good at choosing things for me!

    Rachel- thank you! The cat jumper is just so cute 🙂

    Jemma- I did 🙂 Just a bit bruised, but hopefully coming to the end of them.

    Laura- I really was spoiled 🙂

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