Roller coaster of emotions!


Hullo lovely people. Hope you are all well. My cold is finally on its way out. Yay!!

Friday night was lovely to meet up with friends, it was so late by the time I got home to bed though! 1.30am! I’m used to being in bed by 10.30pm!!

I did my voluntary work for the autistic children’s charity on Saturday morning and then went off to Brighton in the afternoon. Had a lovely time, even though it did pour with rain!! I had a slice of gluten-free vegan pizza from Infinity Foods when we got there for lunch. I also bought one of their amazing gluten-free loaves of bread. I really must figure out how they make it.

We had dinner at Donatello’s Italian restaurant and I had the garliciest pasta dish I have ever had! It was gluten-free pasta, anchovies, capers, ham, artichokes and about 50 cloves of garlic. Wow! Had strawberries for pud. We had ended up in the most expensive car park in Brighton though and paid £25 for parking! Criminal!!!!

Sunday we got the 7.55am train to London for my Adidas Women’s Challenge 5k. I was so nervous! I still felt a bit poorly but really wanted to do it. Here is me before the start.

I really wanted to beat my PB of 24:57, but it just wasn’t meant to be. I haven’t been training for the shorter distances and have been focussing on getting lots of miles in my legs, so I was pleased with my time of 26:16. Not far off! I just couldn’t give anymore!! I also got to see Liz Yelling again, one of my idols.

Here is me after with my medal!!

We walked to Wholefoods, and this time we were prepared for the weather and we had pac-a-macs and I didn’t have flip-flops on. I had this beauty for lunch! Crayfish salad with avocado. I added salt and pepper cashews to it.

We had a bit of a mooch around then headed back. We finally got back to Eastbourne at 5pm. Just enough time for me to shower and head back out again for my family birthday meal! We picked my Dad up. He was mid-removal!!! Stress! Then went to Rob’s mum’s house where she had prepared a lovely dinner for us all. Yummy spaghetti bolognaise with gluten-free pasta. They got me a yummy gluten-free cake and some Oatly cream. I had such a nice evening.

We had to then go back to my Dad’s where we nearly finished sorting out his house. We didn’t leave there until gone 11pm. Dad stayed here last night and we went back really early this morning to sort out the final bits of the house. The sale completed today and the new owners now have the keys! Dad went back off to Newcastle and it was all very emotional. End of an era, he’d been in that house 27 years!

We now have a spare room full of stuff to sort out but we’ll do that when we get back from our holiday.

Tonight is my birthday eve!!! Very excited! Lots of cards and presents waiting for me to unwrap them!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo tired though. This has been such a full on weekend and really has exhausted me. We’re still going tonight as we’ve got to get all the washing done and the flat ready for us going on holiday! We’ve had problems with our roof leaking as well what with all the rain! Our roof is being redone but they’re being quite slow about it and this is leaving up really exposed to the elements! Cannot wait until the holiday to get away from it all. Only one more day!

My baby girl will miss having her mummy to lay on though when she sleeps!

Hope none of you are getting blown away with these strong winds!


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  1. Happy Birthday Cat !!!!!!!
    Hope you enjoy lots of lovely things 🙂
    Wel done on running the 5K even though you had a stinking cold!
    By the way you look Fab and fitter than ever – congrats!!

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