Da da da da da da da!!


Hullo peeps! It’s been a very blustery and rainy couple of days.

I ended up having spatchcock poussin with sweet potato, peas, carrots and broccoli for dinner on Sunday evening.

And followed this with a chocolate avocado cup with strawberries.

Monday started off with a bowl of yummy porridge, topped with ground almonds, coconut and a spoon of peanut butter. Nomnomnom!!

Lunch was 2 eggy cups, a chicken thigh, spinach, tomato, cucumber, spring onion & veggie pate.

Dinner last night was this huge monster of turkey, pak choi, red onion and peppers stir fried with some baked spring greens. I couldn’t eat it all and had the rest for lunch today with some salad.

Rob has gone away for a few days as he has got exams in Reading this week. Please send him lots of positive thoughts!! So the cat and I are all alone! I have got a few nice things planned and have stocked up on a few Lush goodies for a pampering session!!! I’ve got It’s Raining Men shower gel, a bath bomb and some Trichomania solid coconut shampoo- this smells so good.

It will give me a chance to chill out before a busy weekend celebrating my birthday!!!!!!!!! Yay! My birthday is next Tuesday and then we’re off on holibobs on the Wednesday! I am waaaaaay too excited. We have bought suncream already, factor 30 all the way!

My legs haven’t felt too bad after Sunday’s long run, a little achey but not too bad. Nothing a nice hot bath won’t sort out later on.

 I’ve signed Rob and I up to swim training again, this will start tomorrow night (well, not for Rob!). It had been my intention to carry on swimming over the 6 week break, but I haven’t been once! Wednesday should be fun then!

I have been looking into joining my local triathlon club. This is a huge exciting move for me, and one which I think will help to improve my performance in the three disciplines. To begin with I think I’ll just run, I need to get myself a proper bike before I can go out with them. And the swimming I will come to a bit later on I think, in the new year, and will swim with my usual training group until then. Once I get the training for the Brighton Marathon well under way. Lots of exciting things ahead!

I had a moment over the weekend where I just sat back and thought “I’m really really happy right now” and this is fab! I have had a long time of ups and downs in different areas of my life and finally I seem to be on an even keel. It feels so good.


I am so super excited, at 7pm tonight the celebrities for this year’s Strictly Come Dancing are announced!! I watched it for the first time last year and was hooked. How amazing do those dancers look!!! I want to look like them! I’d also like to reverse my two left feet and be able to dance like them too 😀

In the meantime, check out Laura’s fab giveaway!!


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  1. Oooh I didnt know they would announce the dancers today- will have to listen out! I love that (although it does remind me of christmas time and dark saturday afternoons!).

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