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Sunny sunny sunny!


Hullo hullo hullo! Happy Thursday all.

Last night’s swimming session was awesome, 50 lengths of 25m and it felt great, even though I haven’t swum in 10 weeks!! (Doggy paddling in the sea on holiday doesn’t count!)

Breakfast today was pink porridge. Porridge made with water, raspberry ripple protein powder stirred in, topped with ground almonds and 3 chopped dates. Nomnomnom.

I was in a bit of a cooking and experimental mood today so I made this bread. I know it says Paleo, but it is gluten free which is why I went for it. It is delicious and has that light fluffiness that you get with bread. Will definitely make this again. I have sliced it to freeze.

I also made some spicy almonds. Which is essentially egg white whisked with some spices, almonds added in, stirred and then baked for 10 minutes. Easy peasy! Next time I’m going to use chilli, garlic and salt. These ones had cumin and coriander. If you Google ‘spicy almonds’ there are loads of variations. I’ve also seen some sweet ones I fancy making!!!

Mid morning I had an apple and a lush pistachio flavoured protein shake! Mmmmmmm! One of my favourite flavours of ice cream is pistachio and this was just like it. Looking forward to making some protein ice cream with this stuff.

I ate my lunch on the train which was chicken, beetroot, olives, cucumber, tomato, cress, red onion and 2 slices of paleo bread.

This afternoon I found out where I’ll be going for my final teaching placement. I’m in a year 4 class in a local school which is great for me, no travelling. I am really nervous but really excited to be getting back into school. Lots more pressure now for my final year. The heat is on as they say!

This evening I have been to Pilates. Feels good to be back to my normal classes again, in a bit of a routine. Although since my half marathon I have developed a pain on the outside/underside of my right foot. On investigation on Google it appears to be peroneal tendonitis, but we all know the dangers of Googling!!! So I am booked into the physio on Saturday morning for him to work his healing hands on me.

I currently have a bolognaise simmering away which I am going to have with courgette spaghetti. Yummy! Shame it’s getting so dark early now as the weather has been glorious today, would have been nice to sit outside this evening. Nay mind!

I am going to watch the episode of Strictly Come Dancing where they match up the partners in a bit, I do already know, but haven’t seen the show. And it all starts again tomorrow night. Eeeeeeek! I am super excited! I LOVE Strictly! ❤


Birthdays and holidays- part three!


Here is the final instalment from my holiday. I really did have a wonderful time and would go back to Icmeler again.

On our last night we went to a traditional Turkish restaurant, this was AMAZING! Everything I was expecting from somewhere traditionally Turkish. We booked a table because it was so busy and they really dressed up our table with flower petals and made it look beautiful.

We had a mixed meze starter which had a stuffed pepper and all the different dips that you can get. There was a yoghurt one, a spicy tomato one and a carrot one among others.

For our mains we ordered a salad and a meal each.

Rob had one of the specials which was a lamb shank.

The salad was cucumber, onions, tomatoes, olives, red cabbage and leaves.

I had Istanbul meatball which were wrapped in aubergine and topped with cheese. They were lush!

For dessert I had a Turkish cheesecake which was more like a cake, it was so fluffy!

Rob had the baklava. Mmmmmmmmm!!!

The decor in this restaurant was just out of this world. It was like we were in the home of a Turkish family. There was an upstairs as well and we were shown around. It was simply superb.

Sadly though, all good things must come to an end. I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday, I could write sooooo much about it!!!

On our way home we did get some great photos as we were flying over the Alps.

So, posts will get back to normal now! I have got a few things I’d like to share, and it appears that lots of people in Blogland are thinking along the same wavelengths as me at the moment. Must be that time of year!!

Just a few piccies of recent yummy eats!

Breakfasts have been a mixture of smoothies, banana scramble and smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.

Lunches have been mostly on the go (tut tut to me not being organised!)

M&S have been my best friend! Salad shaker and snack sushi.

Today I was home at lunchtime and so Rob came back and I cooked a feast! Kale chips (our fave), salmon steak, salad and beetroot.

One of today’s snacks, sliced apple with peanut butter mixed with cinnamon! Yummy!!!

I am back to swim training tonight after about 2 months off, so expect an achey post tomorrow!!!

I shall leave you with a picture of my latest discovery- a soya chai latte from Starbucks!!!!! How have I never had one of these before!!!! Oh my word!!!

Race report- Nike Run to the Beat half marathon


Well, I have now achieved one of the resolutions I set for myself at the new year, I have completed a half marathon!

The alarm went off at 4.50am, it was soooo dark!

I had a breakfast of overnight oats with blueberries and a banana. Little pink lady in it so I knew it was mine and not Rob’s!

We then set off at 5.30am for the o2 in London which is where it was all starting.We drove which was actually the easiest and least stress-free way of getting there, and also ended up the cheapest!

Here I am before the race!

Here’s Rob and I before the race. I don’t know what he was looking at!

We were really lucky with the weather, it was so sunny. I had a few dates while I was waiting to start and some water. The race started at 9.45am and by the time I crossed the start line it was about 5 past 10. Off I went!! My plan all along was to run/walk the whole thing. I started off too fast, and thankfully I wore my Garmin so I was able to see that I was going too fast. It felt like everyone was overtaking me though because everyone seemed to go off at such a speed! I was really disciplined though. My aim was to stay between 10 and 11 minute miles throughout. I ran the first 3 miles and then walked for 90 seconds and every now and then I made myself walk for about a minute. I did have to stop a couple of times to stretch out my hip flexors but I didn’t get stressed about it as I was enjoying it so much!

Around every mile there was a DJ playing a set which was very cool and great for motivation. There were also water and Powerade stations, and the Powerade seemed to work for me! The furthest I had ever run before yesterday was 8 miles, and I got to 8 miles and felt great! And so did 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13.

I really really enjoyed the half marathon, and bizarrely enough found it easier to run than my recent 5k! I had a great plan and got to the end in one piece having loved every minute of it.

My final stats were… 

I was so pleased with the average pace, and I reached each 3 mile marker in around 30 odd minutes, ranging from 30-34 minutes.

I got an awesome medal as well! After we’d finished we drove home, I showered and then kipped for an hour. We then went out and had a carvery and I had this beast of a meal!!

We watched the Berlin marathon on our sky+ and then had a super early night. All in all a fabulous day!! 😀

Birthdays and holidays- part two!


Now for tales of my holibobs!

We arrived at Dalaman airport and we had a shuttle bus waiting to take us to our apartments. It was roughly a 2 hour drive to the town we were staying in, Icmeler. We arrived at our apartments, very tired and very sweaty and just wanted to shower and have a kip. However, our room wasn’t ready because the people were having a late checkout. Aaaargh! So we waited 3 hours before we could get into our room. We had such a lovely little apartment, it was a bit like a loft apartment! Our room was on the fourth floor at the back so it was really nice and quiet.

We got showered and had a sleep before we went out for dinner. Had a lovely mixed meze starter and a mixed grill for my main.

The weather was superb! We had varying temperatures from 32 degrees to 41 degrees whilst we were there and didn’t see a single cloud in the sky.

On our first day we had a Turkish hamam (Turkish bath) where you have a sauna, get scrubbed, then have a soap massage, get washed off and then have an oil massage. It was bliss!


We ate a lot of lovely yummy Turkish food and tried to recreate our own a couple of evenings.

One evening we went out for cocktails! I had a Pina Colada and Rob had a White Russian. Wow, it was very alcoholic!!!

This was the view from one of our evening walks.

While we were there we went on a boat trip, and this was all day and included lunch. Such excellent value for money and we had a lovely day. This was our last day 😦

 I will be back with another holiday instalment tomorrow 🙂

Happy Saturday everyone! I have had the most productive day ever! We have cleared out so much stuff from the flat, been to the tip and generally getting the flat in tip top shape! You know when you just get to that point when you know you don’t need to keep things anymore? I feel as though I’ve had a bit of a soul cleansing almost!

We now have a huge crate full of stuff to eBay, and there will be more to add to it over the next few weeks I think.

Yesterday’s lunch was this yummy salad monster! It was spinach leaves, tomato, gherkins, peppadew peppers, olives, chilli cashews, stuffed vine leaves and garlic maynnaise.

We had prawn curry with cauliflower rice for dinner before we went to our friends for a catch up. There I ate a whole bag of sweet popcorn! Cor did I feel sick afterwards!! I just couldn’t stop myself, it was so yummy!

Before we went out to the tip early doors this morning I had some oatcakes with peanut butter and banana. Dark Chocolate Dreams! Nomnomnom!

We then had a bacon butty (gluten-free roll) 😀

Dinner was one of the most amazing things I have ever eaten! Just as good, if not better than restaurant pasta!!!!

I will called this Salmon Pasta! I will post the recipe for this later on, it was out of this world! We had it with some garlic bread that I made with some gluten-free pizza bases.

What a monster post this has turned into! I am off to chill out and get an early night. We are up super early tomorrow morning because I have got my first ever half marathon- Nike Run to the Beat– eeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!! Will let you know how I get on 😀

Enjoy your Saturday evening 🙂

Birthdays and holidays- part one!


What a couple of weeks! I had such a lovely birthday. I was well and truly spoiled by my loved ones! And I had a wonderful holiday. I will start my catch up with my birthday.

Woke in the morning and opened pressies and cards in bed!

My cat bought me these awesome running socks!

Rob bought me this beautiful dress, some awesome running sun glasses and some AMAZING Vibram Five Fingers!!! Sadly they are too big so we’re swapping them for a smaller size. Super exciting though!

Rob’s brother and wife bought me some Adidas running leggings (are you detecting a theme here?!) and this HUGE mug that is as big as my head!

Rob’s mum and her partner bought me this lovely jumper and this set from Lush, which really does smell lush!

Rob’s sister and her fella bought me this lovely necklace.

My friend bought me this fabulous scarf!

My Dad took me for dinner at the weekend and got me this cute jumper!

 That morning I went and saw my friend for tea and cake. So nice to have a catch up. I then went and saw my nan and grandad and had lunch with them. I then spent the rest of the afternoon just chilling out and getting things ready for my holiday. I was so super excited!!! My flight was at 6am so we home at 3am (middle of the night!) to get to the airport. So that night was an early night to catch a few zeds before the early wake up call. Such a lovely day though 🙂

Last night we had a pretty simple dinner of roasted chicken leg, salad with spinach, tomatoes and olives, stuffed vine leaves and a curried rice mix. I made up a lovely dressing using mint, olive oil and lemon juice. Lush!

Today I had a simple breakfast of watermelon, banana, ground almonds and coconut.

Yesterday was a pretty grotty day, I had a long appointment at the hospital to test for lactose intolerance. Just one of the many tests I’m having- boo! I had to fast and then turn up at the hospital at 8.45am. They took a blood sample and then made me drink this vile liquid which was a lactose solution. Bleurgh!! They then took another blood test every 30 minutes after that until I’d had 5 blood samples taken. My poor arms are very bruised and sore today, and my poor tummy did not agree with that solution whatsoever! I am back to the doctor’s next week for more tests and some results of some others. Hopefully I can get it all sorted before I start my teaching placement.

I hope you all behaved yourselves whilst I was away! I shall be back with more updates from my wonderful holiday.

Roller coaster of emotions!


Hullo lovely people. Hope you are all well. My cold is finally on its way out. Yay!!

Friday night was lovely to meet up with friends, it was so late by the time I got home to bed though! 1.30am! I’m used to being in bed by 10.30pm!!

I did my voluntary work for the autistic children’s charity on Saturday morning and then went off to Brighton in the afternoon. Had a lovely time, even though it did pour with rain!! I had a slice of gluten-free vegan pizza from Infinity Foods when we got there for lunch. I also bought one of their amazing gluten-free loaves of bread. I really must figure out how they make it.

We had dinner at Donatello’s Italian restaurant and I had the garliciest pasta dish I have ever had! It was gluten-free pasta, anchovies, capers, ham, artichokes and about 50 cloves of garlic. Wow! Had strawberries for pud. We had ended up in the most expensive car park in Brighton though and paid £25 for parking! Criminal!!!!

Sunday we got the 7.55am train to London for my Adidas Women’s Challenge 5k. I was so nervous! I still felt a bit poorly but really wanted to do it. Here is me before the start.

I really wanted to beat my PB of 24:57, but it just wasn’t meant to be. I haven’t been training for the shorter distances and have been focussing on getting lots of miles in my legs, so I was pleased with my time of 26:16. Not far off! I just couldn’t give anymore!! I also got to see Liz Yelling again, one of my idols.

Here is me after with my medal!!

We walked to Wholefoods, and this time we were prepared for the weather and we had pac-a-macs and I didn’t have flip-flops on. I had this beauty for lunch! Crayfish salad with avocado. I added salt and pepper cashews to it.

We had a bit of a mooch around then headed back. We finally got back to Eastbourne at 5pm. Just enough time for me to shower and head back out again for my family birthday meal! We picked my Dad up. He was mid-removal!!! Stress! Then went to Rob’s mum’s house where she had prepared a lovely dinner for us all. Yummy spaghetti bolognaise with gluten-free pasta. They got me a yummy gluten-free cake and some Oatly cream. I had such a nice evening.

We had to then go back to my Dad’s where we nearly finished sorting out his house. We didn’t leave there until gone 11pm. Dad stayed here last night and we went back really early this morning to sort out the final bits of the house. The sale completed today and the new owners now have the keys! Dad went back off to Newcastle and it was all very emotional. End of an era, he’d been in that house 27 years!

We now have a spare room full of stuff to sort out but we’ll do that when we get back from our holiday.

Tonight is my birthday eve!!! Very excited! Lots of cards and presents waiting for me to unwrap them!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo tired though. This has been such a full on weekend and really has exhausted me. We’re still going tonight as we’ve got to get all the washing done and the flat ready for us going on holiday! We’ve had problems with our roof leaking as well what with all the rain! Our roof is being redone but they’re being quite slow about it and this is leaving up really exposed to the elements! Cannot wait until the holiday to get away from it all. Only one more day!

My baby girl will miss having her mummy to lay on though when she sleeps!

Hope none of you are getting blown away with these strong winds!