Is it Monday or Tuesday? I’m confused!


Does anyone else feel like that after a Bank Holiday?!!

Started off my day with a plate of scrambled egg, smoked salmon and spinach. Lots of S’s!!!

Lunch was a salad with a chicken leg. Lots of little Peppadew peppers in it, these are so tasty.

Snacks have been an apple and some almonds. A banana before spinning.

Spinning was its usual sweatfest! I felt great and worked really hard. My eyes were stinging though because so much sweat was just pouring in them!

Nice easy dinner of defrosted bolognaise out of the freezer with my new favourite, courgette spaghetti. I really can’t get enough of this, so yummy.

I can’t get over the fact that tomorrow is the last day of August! I have now enrolled for the new uni year and downloaded my timetable. Busy busy! I haven’t done a great job of tackling any of the uni work that needs doing before I go back, I have however tidied the spare room! It is now a much nicer space, much tidier and there’s lots of room for home workouts now too. More conducive to studying!

I looked in the mirror this morning and my eyebrows really need taming! What do you do, do you do them yourself? I find I always make such a hash of it I’m leaving it to the professionals this time! Am booked in for the weekend.

Hope you’ve had a great day, I’m loving the 4 day week! I’m off to the doc’s in the morning to get the results of the first lot of blood tests I’ve had. Hopefully they will reveal something!


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  1. Yes bank holidays are always confusing! I feel more confused than normal as we flew home over Saturday night, so arrived home Sunday lunchtime, but then had our “usual” sunday on Monday. And I go back to work on Friday so it helps even less!

  2. Good luck with the blood tests! I always do my eyebrows – they don´t look too exceptionally good, but it´s enough. I was at a professional once and the result was the same 🙂

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