Long run Sunday :D


Happy Sunday readers, hope you’re having a good one so far. I am so glad that it’s a long weekend, it just feels so much more chilled out!

Yesterday I had smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast, mmm! I also had a mug of hot water with a huge slice of lemon.

I then had my chiropractor appointment and I’m doing so well I don’t have my next appointment for another 4 weeks.

Yesterday we had our weekly cuppa and a paper in town. We went to a new little cafe and I think we’ve found our new regular cafe. Really liked it, it was out the way a little and was a real sun trap. I had a nice pot of peppermint tea.

We had this really yummy lunch at home, selection of Italian meats, houmous, guacamole, grilled vegetables, sundried tomatoes, artichokes, olives, brown rice, rocket, cherry tomatoes. 

Then we went and sat out in Helen Gardens while Rob did some revision and I did some knitting. We took a flask and some nibbles! I love our retro flask!

Cooked a beef bolognaise with courgette spaghetti for dinner, topped with nutritional yeast. 

then settled down to watch Unknown on Sky Box Office. I have wanted to watch this for a while, and oh my word!!! It was really good, I was not expecting what happened AT ALL!! I won’t spoil it for you though. While watching the film we had some banana protein soft serve. Lush 🙂

Today and yesterday we have been watching the World Championships in Daegu, wow! What an event filled weekend! Mo Farah did so well and got a silver medal, he was sooooo close to getting gold. Usain Bolt got disqualified for a false start!! In his heats it looked like a grown up racing children!!

Today I went out and did my first long run training session, I have never really got over 5km whilst out running and only done two long distances while taking part in races. I was a bit apprehensive but I prepared with an enjoyable playlist on my iPod, and I had my Garmin. I fuelled with 5 dates with peanut butter and off I went!

It was a great run! I did 10k 9n 1hr 6 minutes 52 seconds. I am so happy with this. Every 7 minutes I walked for a minute and I felt quite comfortable. My average pace was around 10.30 minute miles. I did have an ice bath when I got back and I felt really good afterwards. I’m now looking forward to another long run next Sunday!! I did have a massive grin on my face when one of the Disney songs came on!! Had to have a little sing along 😀

For dinner we had these sausages


with mashed sweet potato and some runner beans from my nan’s garden. Yummy yummy!

My baby girl has been chilling out too!!

I’m off to the cinema in a bit to watch The Inbetweeners Movie, I cannot wait!!

Hope you’re having a good weekend, don’t forget my giveaway ends at midnight tonight! I will be announcing the winner tomorrow, so make sure you come back and check it out!


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  1. Well done on the run 🙂 It is always daunting when the miles add up but it is amazing how our bodies manage to adapt to the increased distance.
    I love disney songs too 🙂

  2. Your banana soft serve looks amazing! Do you have a super-powerful blender or some special secret for it, because I can never get mine to look that smooth and creamy.


  3. Wow well done on the run Cat!!
    the food looks delicious, sounds like a fantastic weekend all round, the Cat looks like she enjoyed it too 🙂
    When I deserve a treat it will definitely be dates and peanut butter!!
    What were you knitting?

  4. Ann- I was knitting my coasters!! Dates and peanut butter are so good. Especially the medjool ones.

    Jessica- I just use a cheapy food processor from Argos! I do whizz it up quite a bit which gives it a bit more air and fluffiness. Love banana soft serve!!

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