Happy Hump Day!!


It’s the middle of the week again, yay!

Started off my day with a delicious smoothie in a bowl, I made this with a banana, a huge handful of spinach, maca powder, Udos Beyond Greens, rice milk, frozen berries, scoop of protein powder and a teaspoon of xanthan gum. I topped it with dessicated coconut, ground almonds and some cacao nibs.

Lunch was a homemade spinach, lentil and carrot soup, inspired by Laura’s recipe! I had this with a gluten free roll.

I have eaten a couple of apples today along with a Gingerbread Nak’d bar. It really does taste like gingerbread!

Dinner was a salmon fillet baked with Meridian free-from pesto and some chilli, served with spiralised courgette, salad and Bob the Builder gluten free pasta!!!! 😀 The salmon was so good. I topped the salmon fillet with the pesto and chilli flakes and crated a little parcel out of foil and just baked it in the oven. Salmon and pesto go so well togther.


I made some muffins using this Mrs Crimble’s gluten free mix and added some blueberries. Mmmmm!!! I was craving some muffins and this was on offer in Sainsburys. I need to explore some gluten free muffin recipes. I had one for dessert and the rest have gone in the freezer.

I am going for a run in the morning 😀 I have decided that for my longer runs I’m not going to get worried about running the whole way, and I’m going to run/walk the longer distances and then hope adrenaline gets me through on the day! After all, what with injury and stuff I haven’t given myself the full 12 weeks I’d hoped for. It’s all about tweaking and adjusting, and after all, this isn’t my A-Race, Brighton Marathon is, so need to treat this all like valuable learning for the final goal.

Talking of races, my race number for the Adidas Women’s Challenge arrived today! 😀 How very exciting.

Hope you’ve all had a great Wednesday, it is now officially nearly the weekend!!!! 😀

I am going to spend the rest of the week eating as much fruit and veg as I possibly can! I need to get my zing back 🙂


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  1. Love the Bob the Builder pasta! I think you have a good idea for how to approach your run, I’m a lot more relaxed about my injury this time round as in the big scheme of things I know I’ll be ok on the day! Get plenty of green smoothies down you, I love them for when I need my zing back 🙂

  2. Laura- I love anything kiddified!! Haha! If they had Hello Kitty pasta I would have bought that too! It’s taken a while to get to that mindset with running, I used to get upset and frustrated but now realise that in the long run I’ll be ok. I think I need plenty of green juices and smoothies!! 😀

  3. Don’t worry about the distances. Adrenaline really does kick you up the backside! On my last half, my longest training run was 10 miles & I did run 1 mile/walk 0.1 mile intervals, so there was a fair bit of walking. Three weeks later I did my half & I ran the entire distance without stopping for a walk (something I’m very proud of) & didn’t feel tired for it. Adrenaline really does go a long way!

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