Going cuckoo!


Soooooo, it’s Friday! Yay! We do like a Friday.

Today started with my doctor’s appointment, and we’re not looking at my possible kiwi or pineapple allergy anymore (or at least, that’s been put on the backburner). After a long conversation about my IBS (I know, something else I suffer with, aren’t I lucky?! Not!) Anyway, being an allergy specialist he’s not happy that I have IBS and thinks I should have been tested for other things, which I haven’t been. So I am booked in for some blood tests on Monday for about a million different things! (Not quite a million, but feels like a lot). Eventually I will have been tested for Coeliac Disease, gluten allergy, wheat allergy, lactose intolerance and milk protein allergy. Because I need to be eating gluten to get an accurate result on the Coeliac Disease test, I have now had to start including it in my every day diet, which previously I have tried to limit due to the symptoms that it causes. Same with the dairy. As a result I am a very unhappy Cat today! I have got the worst tummy ache, bloating, runny nose and a whole host of other things it’s just not kind to share! It is, I suppose, for the greater good, so I’ve just got to suck it up.

This is not the first or only time I have been to the doc’s about this, I was diagnosed with IBS as a result of my trips, and was told, when I raised the issue being sick after eating dairy, “if it makes you sick don’t eat it!” Which is fine I suppose, but probably not the answer I think I was after! 😛

Aaaaaanyway, moving on. I was sent this really cool link today about cuckoos. She’s gone cuckoo I can hear you saying! But I haven’t!

Cuckoo wearing tracking deviceSource

Basically, because of the diminishing cuckoo population in this country, the BTO captured 5 cuckoos in May and tagged them with satellite transmitters so they could plot their flights south for the winter. The map on the website shows their current position, 4 have made it past the Sahara and 1 is a bit slow and is hanging about in Morocco, North Africa. How cool is this! I for one will be keeping an eye on what they’re up to. They even have their own blogs 😀

There was another site earlier in the year that had live coverage of some eagle eggs hatching, that was very cool. But of course I didn’t write the blog then, otherwise I would have shown you!

 Have a great Friday night, whatever you’re up to!


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  1. I’m sorry to hear your not feeling well. I hope you get better soon and the docs give you the answers you are looking for!

  2. I don’t suppose you are feeling too good right now but roll on Monday and hope you see some progress!!
    I love the cuckoos – saw something about them on the TV – they are cool – thanks for the link 🙂
    We had a cuckoo in the garden this summer, only caught site of it once but we could hear it – amazing!

  3. Sorry to hear that your feeling so crap, at least there might be a light at the end of the tunnel if it means you can pin point the cause of the issues. Hope the blood test goes well!

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