Wednesday’s wonderings


Happy hump day, I do like the middle of the week!

I have been thinking a lot about how we feel, physically and emotionally, and whether we take any notice of this.

Do you listen to your body and/or your mind?

Or do you hurtle along at a million miles an hour thinking you really should get everything done, do you stay up late to get things done when you’re really tired, do you keep working out even though you know that little niggle is telling you not to, is your house/flat perfectly tidy and you stress yourself if it’s not done, do you feel tearful because you’re so tired or stressed? There are many more things that I could list here that I know I am guilty of doing or have done, and I know many others are as well.


Listen to your body, if you are hungry, eat! This is something I do not have an issue with, but I know there are many people out there in recovery from EDs and it is so important for you to learn to listen to and love your body. We all need to listen to and love our bodies, after all, we only get one!

If you need some downtime, take it. Meditate, take a bath, cook, bake, sing really loudly to some Disney songs!

Cartoons Wallpaper: Little Mermaid and FriendsSource

Talk to someone, laugh, cry, shout, rant, whatever it is you need to do.

I am learning to listen to my body more, both emotionally and physically. I am learning that I am not superwoman, I cannot operate 24 hours a day and that it’s alright to just have a night or even a day where I just chill out and focus on me.

I don’t have to be perfect and neither do you! I know that a lot of people, including myself, are guilty of placing unreasonably high expectations on themselves.

If you only take one thing from this post, I’d like for you to start being more aware.

I listened to my body today by taking a nap when I got in from work 😀 some people may say I’m bad for doing that, or I should have been cooking dinner, or doing chores, or whatever. But I listened to my body (and my mind) and now I feel better both physically and emotionally.


Something that not many people know about me, I suffer with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I can generally keep it under control so long as I listen to my body! And it’s times when I don’t that I get sent into a downward spiral. Exercise actually helps to keep it under control and I do pay attention to any feelings before any classes or anything like that (don’t worry!) I also find that eating healthy, nutritious food keeps me level.  However, I must listen more!! And be more in tune with myself. It’s obviously not something we can just learn overnight and takes time, but it is possible.


We only have one body and one mind, look after them!


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  1. I have to admit, I haven’t done a great job of listening to my body lately. I’m actually getting over a cold and the last couple of days I should’ve just taken it easy but kept pushing myself to go to the gym. Even when I felt so winded I kept pushing. Sometimes we all need a break and life can’t always be go go go! I need to take my own advice lol.

  2. Such a great post and information I really needed to read right now! Everything you wrote is so true… we only have one life and one body so what the heck is the point of abusing it or hating it? None that i can think of. Thank you for this reminder!

  3. Fab post, sorry to hear that you suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, it just goes to show the benefits of listening to your body if that has really helped you. I feel like I am now finally in a place where I can listen to by body, after being overweight and on what must have been a sugar induced roller coaster that would give my hunger false signals etc, I now know that when I’m hungry its my bodies genuine need for food rather than a sugar crash.

  4. Thanks guys for your positive comments. I was a bit worried about posting it to be honest!!! I shan’t be worried in the future, because there’s bound to be people feeling like me. Thanks again!

  5. Thanks for posting that Cat! It’s a great warning/reminder to all of us that sometimes we need to just stop, pause and enjoy life instead of rushing through it at 100 miles an hour without appreciating it. It’s OK to relax is a good mantra!
    Of course there are people feeling like you – great post 🙂

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