Sunny Sundays and chilled out weekends


Happy Sunday evening all!

I have had a lovely weekend, full of taking it easy, nice food, nice company and general good times!

Saturday morning started really early with an appointment at 8am with my physio who does acupuncture. He is based about 30 minutes drive away so that was an early rise for a weekend! I love having acupuncture, it just feels fab.


Popped into Rob’s mum’s on the way home for a cuppa and waited for Rob because he was running the 10 miles to her house. He was soaked!!! It absolutely poured with rain.

Cue my hair appointment! Roots coloured and my hair cut and tidied up. I should have taken a photo, although it doesn’t look too different. The fringe is a bit shorter though.

Rob and I then had a late lunch in a cute little Thai place in town where I has a chicken stir fry and we shared a pot of green tea.

I had my contact lens check up appointment and all was fine so the scheme has been resumed! I much prefer daily lenses, they just feel much better.

Airbourne, our local airshow, has been on and so we’ve seen so many planes flying through the air performing their displays! Including the Red Arrows.


Then we got ready to go to our friend’s for a BBQ! This was so much fun and we ate loads and laughed loads. I was driving so I just drank sparkling water with lime. We didn’t get home until gone 1am though!! I was so tired this morning. The weird thing is I felt like I had a hangover even though I only drank water, how bizarre! Anyone else get that?!

Oh, my friend really liked her card! I was really pleased 🙂

I fuelled up with 2 medjool dates before I did a 2km loop of the local park, so running on grass. This was awesome! Felt so good. I cannot wait to start increasing my miles now. I’m planning on two 3 mile runs midweek and then a longger run at the weekend. I cannot explain how excited I am!! Especially as I have got 6 weeks until my first ever half marathon- eeek!!!

Breakfast was a banana scramble with blueberries. Mmmmmm!

We went back to our friend’s house to watch the first Chelsea game of the season, shame they didn’t win. We had some chicken and salad in a free-from pitta bread, along with a couple of burgers for lunch.

Then home to sort out the rest of the housework! Rob has been revising and I’ve been getting the washing done and planning the meals for the week. We have decided to have our shopping delivered tomorrow night to save us some time, so we have ordered that now.

I am about to go and cook dinner which will be chilli cod with runner beans and roasted veg. Yum!

This evening marks the end of Airbourne, our local annual airshow and tonight there will be fireworks! I love fireworks, they start at 10pm though and I’m a bit of a lightweight when it comes to late nights so we may watch from our window.


Hope you have had a lovely weekend.


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