London recap


Well hello one and all! Hope you are all well. I have had a fabulous weekend, shattered now though. Warning- this is going to be a looong post!!

Friday night’s dinner was something pretty awesome, I made barbecue chicken, spiralised sweet potato, green beans and broccoli.

The spiralised sweet potato was as a result of me wanting to make some curly fries!! Haha! Well this is something I am going to work on, but I will get there, I promise. The barbecue sauce was brilliant and was this recipe. Totally lush and no added sugar.  And I’m sure that veggies could use vegetable stock with marmite in instead of the beef stock? Let me know if you make it!

Saturday started with an early morning train up to London Victoria. We then walked to Hyde Park where the triathlon was taking place. I managed to get a seat in the grand stand so had a great view. The weather was lovely and sunny and there was a brilliant atmosphere. Saturday was the elite ladies competing and there were some brilliant athletes taking part. It was fairly even until the run and Helen Jenkins just stormed it, doing what she normally does- going hard and fast and maintaining the momentum. It worked as she was miles in front and finished in a well deserved first place. I had goosebumps every time they came past!! It was so euphoric and just amazing. I have had the pleasure of meeting Helen Jenkins and she is also a really nice person.


I had a wander around the area and got a couple of freebies, got my body analysed with a scan, and got some great clothing bargains! Bought this crop top and tri suit. I love this tri suit!!

I have put my existing tri suit on eBay to put some money towards this one.

I made my way over to High Street Kensington. I stopped off at Sweaty Betty and looked at the sale stuff. I bought these really nice and comfy yoga trousers. Total bargain, reduced to less than £20!


Went to Wholefoods and had some lunch. I also bought some tea and some chocolate for the hotel. I then made my way to the hotel. I was so proud of myself navigating my way around London on my own!!

The hotel was simply out of this world!! The bed was lush and squishy.

I had my bubble bath with tea and dark chocolate whilst reading a magazine, just bliss. I got ready and waited for Rob to come over from the rugby.


We went to an Italian restaurant called Vapiano over near Oxford Street. It was so cool! You just went and ordered yourself at the different stations and they gave you a card which you swiped each time you went and got food or drink and this then totalled the bill for you.

I had gazpacho soup and an antipasti dish. Yummy!!

The tables even had their own fresh basil pots on so you could help yourself to add basil to your meal!!

Back to the hotel after this for a lush nights sleep!

Breakfast was a good selection and I had a couple of bowls of fruit and some peppermint tea.

We went back to Hyde Park to watch the elite men’s triathlon and we got a really good place on the route so we could watch. It was brilliant!! It was so much busier than the Saturday which to me was very disappointing because the women are just as good as the men but I don’t think there was even a third of the supporters there. The Brownlee brothers were just smashing up the race and Alistair Brownlee came in first and Jonny Brownlee came in third. What a fantastic weekend for team GB!!

(Me being silly!)

Thankfully it wasn’t a total washout as GB won!

The weather was shocking though, the heavens literally opened! We were soaked!! Once the men’s race was finished I changed out of my jeans into my yoga trousers and changed my flip flops. We then started walking back to Wholefoods. Then another downpour!! This time much worse than the first! I looked like I had got in the shower fully clothed!! We squelched to a bus stop and got the bus to Wholefoods in Kensington. We then went into TK Maxx to buy some new clothes! Yes, we were that wet. Into Wholefoods we went, first thing first- got changed! Then had a hot cup of tea.

This was the jumper I bought!

Back on the bus to go back to Victoria and the train home. We didn’t get home until nearly 9pm! A very long weekend indeed.

Being at the World Champion Series this weekend has got me thinking a lot about my goals and what I want and I am definitely going to focus a lot more on my training and nutrition. If I want to be the best I can there can be no half measures I suppose. This is a topic I think I will explore in depth in another post.

This weekend also brought some bad news as well, I’m allergic to something I ate but I don’t know what!! My mouth swelled up along with my tongue and lips, and the roof of my mouth was so sore with lots of sore bumps all over it 😦 I have been taking antihistamines to help relieve it and the doctor has booked me in with a specialist to see next week. I think it may be kiwi, and the doctor has advised me to not eat any nuts between now and seeing the specialist. I love nuts! I hope it’s not a nut allergy *fingers crossed*

I am feeling slightly stressed right now and Laura has actually tuned into my thoughts and written a post on exactly what I am feeling right now! (Not literally but feels like she did) I am stressed right now because I’m not organised! I am working on getting there this evening so that when I wake up tomorrow I should be a sea of calm! I totally love my Sunday organising and cookups, and being away until 9pm last night means I’m nowhere near as organised as normal! Eeeek! Have been listening to The Little Mermaid’s “Under the Sea” to try and calm me a little! 😀

Don’t forget I’m planning a giveaway soon!! Hope you all had a good one!!


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  1. Sorry I should have mentioned I’m a bit psychic 😉 haha, glad you found the post useful. What a weekend! Looks like you had a really wonderful weekend, I would have loved to have watched the triathlon too. You look absolutely stunning in your pic all dolled up for your meal too 🙂

  2. Ffion- thanks! It was from a little indepent shop. I hope I’m not too! Can cope with kiwi!

    Laura- thanks! I don’t get to dress up very often.

    Jemma- that’s very kind of you!

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