It’s only Friday!


Hullo hullo and happy Friday!

My day has been rather long but ok. Breakfast was yummy banana scramble with ground almonds and blueberries.

Lunch was a veggie (red onion, peppers, courgette) frittata with salad- nomnomnom!

Snack was apple and walnuts again, loving this combo.

Loads of tea has been supped today, a mix of Tulsi, liquorice and peppermint, and redbush.

Had an awesome 15 minute bodyweight workout this morning, can feel all the muscles buzzing!!

We’re on the train at half 6 tomorrow morning to go up to London! It is the ITU World Triathlon Championships, as well as being the Olympic qualifiers. The elite women go off at 8.30am hence the early start. I will spend the day in Hyde Park watching that, mooch around the shops and then meet Rob later on. Rob is going to watch the rugby at Twickenham- lucky boy! We are then staying overnight and going back to Hyde Park the next day to watch the men compete.

Haven’t long got in from work and running errands so got loads to do. Enjoy your Friday night and see you Sunday with a jam packed post!!


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