Rain rain go away!


It was absolutely bucketing it down today. White blouse + heavy rain = a very poor candidate for a wet t-shirt competition!!!

I’ll start by recapping on yesterday.

Had an awesomely sweaty workout first thing, burning muscles a-plenty.

Breakfast was smoked salmon and scrambled egg served on spinach. Yum!

I wore this dress to work, I love this dress, I found it in a second hand shop whilst in London and fell in love with it.

Lunch was a concoction of smoked salmon, cauliflower rice (I love this stuff!!!), spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers and olives with an egg.

Snack was a posh version of apple and walnuts- on a plate!

Dinner as you know was my lovely courgette spaghetti! Honestly, it was simply beautiful. I can see I’m going to have to ration this so as not to eat it 50 times a week!!! The pesto recipe I used is here, I used less garlic though and you don’t need the nutritional yeast.

Tonnes of water and herbal teas yesterday, I do love my tea 🙂

I went to a friends last night for a catch up and I ate a whole bloody bag of mini poppadom snacks! Felt so sick afterwards and had a bit of an upset tummy. Serves me right for being a glutton!

Breakfast today was a green juice followed by some hard boiled eggs. Sounds odd I know but my tummy still felt a bit delicate so didn’t want to overload it.

Huge mug of hot water and juice of half a lemon.

Boring outfit of a white blouse and black trousers today (I do love my colour) but added a bit of a zing with this necklace. This is from Hawaii and is made of Kuku nuts, my Dad bought this for me. Purple is my favourite colour 🙂

Lunch was a salad of spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, yellow pepper, olives, a hard boiled egg and pesto mayo.

I was directed to this link for 60 second mayo last night and I made it! Yummy and it really did take 60 seconds! I mixed homemade pesto into the mayo for a different flavour. The pesto I made last night was this recipe, really easy (again- I used less garlic though and you don’t need the nutritional yeast) You may have detected a theme here- I like easy!!!

Snack was celery sticks with homemade almond butter- so so easy. T’was very tasty. If you haven’t tried celery and nut butter you must!

This evening I went to Pilates after work, I love Pilates, always feel so stretched out afterwards, not to mention the burning core. Pilates was fab! We were doing press ups and variations of and I was the only one doing full press ups!!

Today I also did 10 minutes of full on intervals at the gym on the stationary bike of 20 seconds 85% effort and 20 seconds 35% effort. Sweaty mess! I also did my second run this week, I did it on the treadmill and went reeeeeally slow and only ran 1.5 miles. So far so good. Am very aware that the half marathon is creeping ever closer!! And I finally did a 15 minute dumbbell workout.I feel so energised when I do exercise that I really feel it when I don’t do any for a while. Do you feel like that? Obviously I make sure I rest as well 🙂 

Dinner was prawn curry served with cauliflower rice. This was absolutely delicious, and even better I didn’t cook!! Rob cooked it and has said it is a secret recipe, haha! How funny! It was really yummy though, I’ll have to tell him to make it more often 😀

I have booked in for my first ever Body Pump class! The only one I can really go to is on a Wednesday night and that is normally when I have swim training, but I haven’t signed up for the training over the summer so I have Wednesday nights free! How very exciting! So that will be next Wednesday. Have you tried Body Pump? What do you think?

I am planning on having a giveaway soon and I am super super excited about the bits and pieces!!!

Tomorrow is Friday, have a good one 😀


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  1. Food looks gorgeous – glad you don’t need yeast in the pesto too! I’ll be making that very soon – and I love your green dress! so pretty.
    good luck with the body pump Cat

  2. Lovely looking food again! Love the purple necklace its so unusual and unique. As you probably know I love Body Pump and I really think you will too, can’t wait to see what you think of it!

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