My 30 days are up, and bootsales!!


I started (just over 30 days ago) a little health kickstart- Summer Challenge! and I am pretty pleased with the results. I am still a work in progress as there are many of my old clothes that still do not fit yet, but I will get there!!

To round up, 2-3 weeks before I started I was 10st 12lbs.

Day 31 measurements:

Weight: 10st 9lbs now 10st 4lbs total loss of 5lbs

Hips: 38″ now 37.5″ total loss of 0.5 inches

Waist (round belly button): 33″ now 31″ total loss of 2 inches

Under bust: 31″ now 29.5″ loss of 1.5 inches

Bust: 35.5″ now 35″ loss of 0.5 inches

Arm: 12″ now 11.5″ total loss of 0.5 inches

Thigh: 24″ now 23.5″ loss of 0.5 inches (4 inches above the knee: 18.5″ now 17.5″ loss of 1 inch & 8 inches above the knee 23″ now 20.5″ loss of 1.5 inches)

So a total loss of 5lbs and several inches!

I’ve had a fairly relaxing day, it was an early one because I was up to do a car boot sale!! It didn’t go badly and we made a little bit! I made our breakfast and then put it in a tub for us to eat when we got there.

Cherry Bakewell Porridge- porridge cooked with water or milk, almond extract, topped with organic cherry conserve and ground almonds, yummy!

The weather was scorching and it was really nice. We were parked next to a fruit and veg stall and it was just lush!!! Bought these bits and pieces- tomatoes, grapes, watermelon and red peppers.

I also bought this dress for £1! Bargain! I couldn’t resist, it was on the pitch next to me and just kept calling me, hahaha! The photo doesn’t really do it justice. I was thinking of wearing it in Autumn/Winter with black tights and boots and a long sleeved black or white top.

We chilled out in Rob’s mum’s garden for a bit with the cat and then chilled out for the rest of the day! Look how cool she looks!!

Going to cook dinner in a bit, think it’ll be kebabs again but grilled and with some of those yummy peppers! And then prep for the week, bit of cleaning and cooking, bath then bed!

Hope you all got to enjoy a bit of the sunshine 🙂


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