Got to love the sunshine!


Happy Saturday peeps!

Hope you are all well and that you have had a bit of this glorious sunshine too.

Last night’s meal was sooooo nice! It was a Turkish restaurant called Meze and before the starter they give you bread and olives with some feta and herbed butter, then a complimentary piece of Turkish pizza. We then had a mixed meze to start with that had lots of different dishes to try. There was houmous, antep ezme (a spicy tomato dip), stuffed vine leaves, stuffed peppers, yoghurt and lots of other little bits. For my main I had a Karisik kebab which was grilled cubes of chicken, grilled cubes of lamb and a minced lamb kebab, this was served with yoghurt, onion salad, grilled peppers and grilled tomatoes. There was also bread and bulghar wheat (I don’t get on very well with these so didn’t eat them)

I had some lovely Turkish red wine as well and lots of water. It was such a lovely meal and it’s all cooked in front of you as well!

Today has been pretty chilled. Breakfast was banana scramble topped with strawberries and ground almonds

I went to get my trial contact lenses and then we went and had an iced soya latte and a read of the paper in  Coffee Republic. I had a Bear Yoyo snack!

I also went shopping!! Bought these bits from Lush (I love that shop!) The cleanser smells so much of lavender and even has little bits in it, and I just love the smell of tea tree oil.

And these bits from the Accessorize sale. White flip flops, black satin-y shoes and a brooch.

And Rob was ever so lovely and bought me these beautiful roses

I also bought my favourite flower, a sunflower. It also has some unopened buds on it 🙂

We then went to a Summer fayre for an autistic group that I volunteer at and I had my face painted!

I also entered the raffle and won 2 prizes!! One was a box of Cadbury’s Milk Tray which I gave away, and the other was this lovely recipe folder!

This evening we decided to have an impromtu BBQ on the beach. We were given a BBQ at the end of last summer as a gift that is a portable BBQ, we had been using a bucket BBQ up to that point (literally a bucket!!). So we thought we’d crack out this new one, well we didn’t know we’d have to build it!!!

30 minutes or so later we were rocking and rolling and we fired up the barbie on the beach. Here are a few pics of our evening!!

Off to bed now, up early for a bootsale!! 😀


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  1. What a lovely time you’ve been having, I love the sound of that meze (in fact I’m totally craving that now!) and your BBQ on the beach! Love the bits and pieces you’ve bought and your face painting is so cool, I would have loved that for my festival experience. The red roses are so beautiful as well!

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