Happy Hump Day!!


Happy hump day! Wednesday is that day in the middle of the week where we all start hurtling faster towards the weekend!

Thought I’d share an update on my injury. When I went to the physio, it was indeed shin splints 😦 however after a great session with him and acupuncture and bits and bobs, he sent me away with some tape and advised me to keep my shin taped up for a week. This rests the muscle that is attached to the shin and gives it an opportunity to heal. Well so far so good, it’s feeling good and no niggly pain. So much so that when I was on my way back from the gym last night I wanted to jog back! It took all of my strength not to and to tell myself that it’s only been 3 days!!! Fingers crossed when I go out for my first run next week I will feel ok 🙂 And when I went to the gym this morning and used the cross trainer there were no niggles 😀

Breakfast was a bit of an odd combo, I like to go to the gym on a Wednesday morning before work and we go straight to work from there. It almost feels like a treat not having a shower at home! Anyhoo, I racked my brains for something to take and I came up with cucumber, smoked salmon and 2 hard boiled eggs!

Lunch was leftover bolognaise with homemade spicy guacamole.

I must make more effort to make my food look prettier!!!

Dinner was stirfry. A nice easy dinner to cook at 9.15pm at night when I get in from my Wednesday night swim training session! Swimming is at 7.45pm on a Wednesday night and I can never eat dinner before I go, so we have it when we get back. I did scoff it before I remembered to take a picture! I was starving and it was 9.45pm!!

Swimming tonight was great, although no fun pool with flumes this week!! I haven’t swum since my triathlon! That’s a long time for me. We swam 44 lengths tonight. Hard work! I felt really panicky during my first two lengths, I think I had developed almost a bit of a phobia of swimming and the water after my triathlon.  The rest of it was great though. Last session next week before school holidays though. I think I will be taking up running sessions with a club on Wednesdays for a little bit whilst swimming is on down time.

I had a parcel arrive today, it was this beautiful dress!

Just look at the fabric! It is such a lovely pattern. It is from French Connection and I first saw it on Laura when we went out for our meal and I just fell in love with it, you know when you just have to have something?! It is also a size 10! It has been a while since I was able to just buy a size 10 and it fit, especially from somewhere like French Connection. The hard work is paying off, and also means I will have access to a whole new wardrobe as there are loads of things I have that I haven’t been able to wear for ages!

I would also like to report something I am very proud of today! I can manage to do 2 full press ups 😀 I have been working on this for a while and been doing half press ups to build up my strength. Very chuffed with this! (Are they press ups or push ups?!)

Another challenge I have set myself to achieve before the year is out is to manage one full unassisted pull up. I believe in setting myself regular challenges to keep me moving forwards, I also love the feeling that comes with achieving these challenges!

Do you set yourself challenges? If so, what kind of challenges?


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  1. You’ll be raring to go once your fully healed! So glad your chuffed with the dress, it is gorgeous! I set myself the goal of being able to do a full push up, I can do 3-4 but they kill me!

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