Super awesome bike session!


Happy Tuesday all! Hope you’ve all had a good day.

I really enjoyed The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest last night. Have you read any of the Steig Larsson books? The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo etc etc? They really are good. We watched the Swedish version with subtitles.

Mine started with some hot water and lemon and then this beauty for breakfast šŸ˜€ Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on spinach.


Lunch was this little concoction of left over roast beef, cucumber, spinach, olivesĀ and homemade spicy guacamole.

Doesn’t look great but it was really yummy!!

After work I went to the gym because I wanted to have a go on the stationary bike. Near the beginning of my triathlon training I managed 20km in 40 minutes on the bike and never managed to get close again all the time I was training, I got to 44 minutes, or 45 minutes but never 40 minutes again. I actually haven’t done any cycling, spinning, stationary bike or otherwise since my triathlon! And I managed 56 or so minutes in that so nowhere near 40 minutes, and obviously it is different on the day and I wasn’t overly bothered about time and just rocked up my trusty bike!

Well, today…

It’s a bit blurry but it basically says 20km in 39 minutes and 32 seconds!! Whoop! Something to keep working on for the next year šŸ˜€

I did this and then a little ‘Meltdown’ workout which does what it says on the tin!!!

Not sureĀ what dinner is going to be tonight yet, undecided between leftover bolognaise andĀ Thai green chicken curry. Going to take a shower and then make myĀ decision!Ā 

I love reading. I’m currently trying to read The Kite Runner after reading A Thousand Splendid Suns. This was a great book and made me want to read more of Khaled Hosseini’s work.

What are you reading at the moment? What books would you recommend?

Enjoy the rest of your evening!


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