Rock and Roll Saturday


The alarm went off nice and early this morning, 5.30am early!!!! Rob was off to see some golf at the Open. He made sure he packed his frog suit because it was pouring with raining! Not good when you’re standing around watching golf all day!

I dozed off for a bit and then had a nice early jaunt to the physio this morning, who is awesome!! Fab session with some acupuncture. Never had this before and it was on my list of things to try, and now I can tick it off!

Popped in to Rob’s mum for a cuppa on the way home and to drop of a present for Rob’s sister, always great to have a catch up with the future mother-in-law!

Then got home and promptly went back to bed! I was very naughty though and totally forgot my contact lens appointment, ooops. Will sort that out tomorrow!

First thing I did before cracking on was have a green juice, I needed a bit of zing back in me.

This had spring greens, cucumber and celery. Pretty hardcore stuff!!

This evening has been spent cleaning and tidying the flat, putting washing on and general domesticated stuff. I think I am going to cook a Thai Green Chicken Curry, but I’m not sure I can be bothered if I am totally honest! Rob will be back at around 10pm so I’ll have to make something so that he can eat when he gets in.

What I do know though, is I will be drinking lots of this

Look!!! It’s real flowers!!!

I do like a nice cup of tea.

I will also be reading this 😀

There is a triathlon taking place on my local seafront in the morning and depending on the weather, we may get out and watch it, 7am start though! It’s been designed to be one of the hardest sprint distance triathlons, with an open water sea swim, followed by hilly and challenging bike and run courses. Should be good to watch though!

Enjoy your Saturday evening all 😀


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