TGI Friday!!


Happy Friday peeps!!

Another busy day, but started off crazy! I normally set an alarm in the mornings for work and generally wake up just before it, but this morning I must have turned it off in my sleep, because I woke up at 8am!! I wanted to be at work by 8.30am as well. Cue crazy shower-having, smoothie-making, cat-cuddling 15 minutes!

Because I got in at 8.30am I was able to finish at 4pm, great treat for a Friday. I was so tired though and the plan was to go home and nap for an hour, and then get gym gear together and walk to the gym for a sweatfest! Well, that didn’t go as planned!! I slept through the alarm and woke up at 8pm!!!!!!!!!! I had arranged to meet my friend at 7.30pm, eek! I got ready super quick and met my friend, I was full of apologies! I hadn’t seen her in so long and it was great to catch up.

I had olives and garlic mushrooms to start with, I promise I am not exaggerating when I say it looked like there were about 10 cloves of garlic crushed in that baby! I had a chicken salad for my main which was sooooo good and so much of it!! It was a grilled chicken breats, grilled veggies and chopped baby tomatoes, all drizzled in pesto, nomnomnom.

Breakfast was a crazy green smoothie, t’was yum though.

Lunch was a frittata again! With smoked salmon and huge salad.

Snacks have been celery, cucumber and chilli cashews.

Liquorice and peppermint tea and tulsi tea were the teas of choice for today, plus tonnes of water.

I will get organised to take piccies soon I promise!!

Physio tomorrow morning and an appointment tomorrow afternoon to collect my new prescription of contact lenses, what an exciting life I lead 😀


I love to read your comments!

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