Busy busy busy!!!


Welcome to Day 18!!

This has been a busy busy week. The day of Rob’s triathlon on Friday was a long day, his wave wasn’t until 3.20pm. He did soooo well! And I even got to meet Helen Jenkins!! Eeek! She is a world triathlon champion and one of my inspirations. I was a complete jibbering wreck!

We then went to a BBQ that evening on our way home that some friends of the family held for my dad. It was great to see my Nana and my Great Auntie, they were down from Newcastle to take my dad back. Dad has now moved to Newcastle.

On the Saturday we helped my dad fix a couple of things in his house and then went out for dinner for Rob’s sister’s birthday. We went to a curry house and it was yum! Had chicken shashlick, really yummy, it comes out sizzling! plain rice and a vegetable madras, eeek was that hot!

On Tuesday I met with Laura from Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish and we went and had a meal at a restaurant called Aloka. OH. My. Word! This was the most amazing meal ever! I will get some photo’s from Laura and post them up to show you just how lush it was!

Just before I met Laura I went shopping in 3 of my favourite shops in Brighton, Cath Kidston, Lush and Infinity Foods!!

From Infinity I bought ground almonds, 3 Tulsi tea, a Nak’d bar and some almond milk. Tulsi tea, also known as Holy Basil, is an ayurvedic remedy and is meant to be an anti-stress agent. It tastes nice too! This is the second type I have tried, the other one I had had brahmi with it. Brahmi is said to “revitalize and rejuvenate”. I bought the ground almonds to experiment with in some baking. I will post results as I make some goodies!

From Cath Kidston I bought some lunch boxes, a shoulder bag and a book bag. I also bought a gift for Rob’s sister.

From Lush I bought Ultra Bland cleanser, Vanillary solid perfume, and a gift for my friend of a solid hand moisturizer. So cute! The Ultra Bland is amazing stuff, I had never tried it before and I love it! My skin already feels better after using it. It is a shame that they discontinued Babyface though, that really was good. The Vanillary is just gorgeous, and lasts all day too. Even though I bought the one with the smallest concentrate, I can still smell it at the end of the day. I will be getting a spray next time to go with it hopefully after payday! I also got a gift last week from Rob of a pot of moisturizing cream called Charity Pot from Lush. All proceeds apart from the VAT go straight to their chosen charity.

Yesterday I went and had a much needed appointment with my chiropractor. Crunchy spine anyone?! Feeling much much better now. I also had a lovely evening to myself! Rob is away for a few days so I had a lovely bath, had a lush dinner of Singapore noodles…mmmm!! And made some ‘ice cream’ from frozen banana, cherries, spinach and xanthan gum. It was so yummy and made a huge bowl, but I just couldn’t eat it all. I was then in bed early and asleep by 9.30pm! Lush!

 Tonight I had a friend over for dinner and I cooked us up a vegetable curry, she is a vegetarian. This was made of tomatoes, courgette, broccoli, cauliflower and peas with lots of spices. This was so yummy and so filling! Loads left for the freezer too.

I’m off to do a bit of yoga before bed, and it will be another 9.30ish bedtime for me!


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