Measurements and 2 weeks in…


Day 14 measurements:

Weight: 10st 9lbs now 10st 7lbs loss of 2lbs

Hips: 38″ still 38″

Waist (round belly button): 33″ now 31″ loss of 2 inches

Under bust: 31″ now 29.5″ loss of 1.5 inches

Bust: 35.5″ still 35.5″

Arm: 12″ still 12″

Thighs: still the same

So a loss of 2lbs and 3.5 inches so far!! Still 16 days to go!!

I am loving eating so clean and healthy and being so active! Believe me, am feeling the work though and it’s looking good too. Will post piccies at the end to show comparisons.

I had a great day today 🙂 I love Sundays. Mahoosive blitz on the flat, food shopping and loads of activity. My right calf/shin is sore though 😦 think I have a form of shin splints, I am seeing the physio on Saturday. Lots of ice until then. i am looking forward to seeing my chiropractor on Wednesday too for some much needed back love!

When I went food shopping today my trolley was just filled with veggies!! And I think out of the £50 or so I spent, about £30+ was on fruit and veg! Real contrast to some of the trollies I saw- shocking!

Off for an early night this evening, everything ready for work tomorrow, clothes, food- lunches and snacks. Awesome! Always be prepared 😀


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