The Triathlon!!


Apologies for the lack of postage the last few days, life has been utterly manic!! My dad is moving toNewcastleat the weekend so have been helping him sort stuff out. Last night I felt rather peculiar so went to bed reeeeally early, 9pm early! And slept right through to this morning. Feeling a bit better for it although still really exhausted today. Another early night for me tonight I think.

My triathlon was absolutely awesome!! Loved every minute of it!! It was though, quite possibly, the hardest thing I have ever done. I had a panic attack in the water and very nearly quit, but talked myself out of it and through the other side, and I’m so glad I did because the sense of achievement when I finished was amazing. The run was something else, the lead feeling in my legs was unbelievable, yet this was the most successful part of the whole thing! To be fair I suppose I am a runner normally so this was to be expected, but to complete the run part in 28 minutes was beyond my imagination, especially after the swim and cycle!

I am so proud of myself!!! I’ll add some piccies to this post later on. There are official pictures online as well, and my word I look awful in some of them! You can tell I am really pushing myself! Sheer grit on my face! Haha!

I managed to finish in 1hr 39 minutes and 35 seconds. I was really pleased with this because I wanted to complete it in around 1hr 40 minutes. To be honest just the fact that I completed it was fab, yet to get in just under my goal! Going to try for 1hr 30 minutes next year. Yep, you read right! I am going to do another one!!!!

I’m currently taking a rest from running for a week or so, got a really painful right shin, so am working on stretching and rehab exercises to strengthen my legs. Then it will be training for a half marathon which is on 25th September. It will be my first ever half marathon so my aim is just to complete it! It sounds awesome though, it’s a Nike Run to the Beat half marathon so there are Ministry of Sound DJs all around the course!

Still exercising though, cycling and swimming and gym workouts.

My back has been giving me a little gyp, but have upped the ante on the exercises my chiropractor has given me and it’s working well. Am booked in to see her next week. All these rehab exercises I’ve got!! I feel like I’m constantly on the go!

So far my Summer Challenge is going really well. I tried on a pair of trousers that I love and haven’t been able to wear for years, and I can not only get them up over my thighs and bum, but I can DO THEM UP!!! So chuffed! This then led to a mass trying on of all my old clothes and a lot of them I can get up, some I still cannot do up, or can do up but are very tight, but considering I am only on Day 10 of 30 I should be fine by the end!

Breakfast was yum! Boiled eggs, cucumber, spinach, celery with loads of chilli and pepper.

Lunch was chicken pieces, spinach, onions, cucumber, avocado, radish and a boiled egg.

Dinner was a chicken and vegetable stirfry, a HERRRRUGE portion of it!!!

Snacks were celery and a few almonds, think I annoy my colleagues with the celery though! Crunch crunch crunch!!!

My boyfriend has got a triathlon on Friday at the same place mine was. I’m looking forward to being a spectator this time!

I shall be back soon with piccies of the triathlon and also an update on how my knitting is coming along!


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