Fun on the flumes!!


Good evening all on this fine Wednesday!

Had a great day today, started it off with a workout in the gym, great to get those endorphins running to start the day.

Work was good, took a walk to Sainsburys at lunchtime to get some avocado for lunch. Lovely and sunny again. Warm, warm, warm!

Eats have been good,

Breakfast- overnight oats and berries again, I must have something different tomorrow!!

Lunch- roast chicken salad with spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, radish and avocado

Dinner- minced lamb koftes with a huge salad, nomnomnom!!

Snacks- apple and carrots. Although today I did not feel that well after the carrots, must experiment with this.

Swimming session was awesome tonight! There was a swimming gala on so we couldn’t swim in our normal pool, so we went to the fun pool! We did loads of speed work tonight and we got to go on the flume! Awesome! Every Wednesday night swimming session should end like that. And because the kids were coming out at the same time as we did there was no room in the changing room, so I just put a towel round me and went home like that!! Great fun!!


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