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Fun on the flumes!!


Good evening all on this fine Wednesday!

Had a great day today, started it off with a workout in the gym, great to get those endorphins running to start the day.

Work was good, took a walk to Sainsburys at lunchtime to get some avocado for lunch. Lovely and sunny again. Warm, warm, warm!

Eats have been good,

Breakfast- overnight oats and berries again, I must have something different tomorrow!!

Lunch- roast chicken salad with spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, radish and avocado

Dinner- minced lamb koftes with a huge salad, nomnomnom!!

Snacks- apple and carrots. Although today I did not feel that well after the carrots, must experiment with this.

Swimming session was awesome tonight! There was a swimming gala on so we couldn’t swim in our normal pool, so we went to the fun pool! We did loads of speed work tonight and we got to go on the flume! Awesome! Every Wednesday night swimming session should end like that. And because the kids were coming out at the same time as we did there was no room in the changing room, so I just put a towel round me and went home like that!! Great fun!!




Happy Tuesday folks!

Today has been a good day, very bizarre weatherwise though. It was lovely at lunchtime and I sat outside to eat my lunch again, and then not long after I came in it rained and hailstoned!! Crazy!

Food today has been nonomnom!

Breakfast was oats with berries

Lunch was tabbouleh with millet and tonnes of veggies

Dinner was chicken with homemade socca wraps and loads of salad

Snacks were apples, carrot sticks and almonds

Tonnes of water drunk today, approx 4 litres!!!

Legs are a bit sore, went out on the bike and did hills this evening, and also parked the bike at the bottom of a hill and ran up it. Cor did my heart rate get right up!!

Mini workout was completed after that and I definitely felt the burn.

All in all a fabby day!

What a glorious day!


Today has been an absolute scorcher, so lovely and sunny.

First thing I did today was go for a 5k run along the seafront, was very sweaty by the end! Went a bit easy as I have got the triathlon on Saturday and managed 26:34, I was very pleased with that.

Today has been day 1 of my Dax Moy Summer Challenge. Going well so far!

Day one measurements:

Weight: 10st 9lbs

Hips: 38″

Waist (round belly button): 33″

Under bust: 31″

Bust: 35.5″

Arm: 12″

Thigh: 24″ (4 inches above the knee: 18.5″ & 8 inches above the knee 22″)

Breakfast was oats soaked overnight in water with added blueberries and half a banana.

Lunch was tabbouleh made with millet and loads of veg chucked in, with spinach and stir fried beef.

Dinner was the same as lunch, had to eat this on the train as I had my life class to go to straight from work.

Snacks have been almonds, apples, carrot sticks.

Tonnes of water, about 4 litres today! Licquorice and peppermint tea, and Tulsi tea.

The weather was so nice I sat outside on my lunchbreak to eat my lunch.

I had a really enjoyable session at my life drawing class, today was sadly the last lesson in this course of 8. I would definitely do it again, I learnt so much. I shall post up some pictures at some point of what I have drawn over the last few weeks.

It’s been a long day though, what with run this morning and not getting home until 10pm!

Hope you all had a great day 😀

Sunny Sunday…


Hullo hullo and happy Sunday evening!

It has been a beautifully sunny today today, awesome! Took advantage of this nice weather and went down to the beach first thing and swam in the sea trying out my new swim wetsuit. My first ever triathlon is next Saturday (2nd July) so just getting all final bits and pieces ready and prepped.

I felt pretty happy about my first open water swim so here goes for next week!

Did the food shopping and meal planned for the week, all Elimination Diet friendly I’ll have you know!!

Pottered about then spent an hour this evening on the beach doing some of my knitting, certainly coming along.

Will be taking photo’s, measurements and weight tomorrow so I can compare at the end of my 30 day challenge.

Enjoy your week peeps 🙂

What I am knitting…


I bought this wool yesterday as I thought it looked really cool! I have got some 10mm needles and thought I’d use them with this wool.

Here is a picture of where I am so far, think I will knit a scarf 🙂

It shouldn’t take me too long as the needles are fat, we shall see!

In the beginning…

I have wanted to start a blog for a while now, but what would I write about I pondered! Well, why not all my favourite things! All things crafty, all my training and all my eating!
I’ve just signed up for London Personal Trainer Dax Moy’s ED 30 day Summer Challenge and I’ll be keeping a day by day, blow by blow account of the whole thing here as well as bits and pieces from other areas of my life.
I hope you enjoy! 😀